You're Not A Business Owner Until You Start Thinking Like One

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Welcome back a thanks for having me back. It's going to be back for you. Is that miss the first episode. If you're just tuning in to die for pot to go back and check out first episode because you'll probably find that a lot of what we talking about today. We tying into one which was about sports teams. It goes out of the pocket tried using contractors. sometimes struggle. maybe subside. today we're talking about you'll not a business owner until you start thinking lock on where we're gonna be tackling some of those mindset vision costing goal setting topics. I believe jeremy. So thank you once again for joining us or all the way from phoenix arizona. Yup signing phoenix arizona. Even in the winter. Yeah exactly which. I which i think is the allure to a lot of our canadian listeners. Spend on down there in the winter months absolutely get a lot of them called snow birds wash from canada and a half of manitoba off of winnipeg. End up down that way. Come into for all for a reason. i should clarify. If you've ever been to winnipeg in the winter night. why. I have actually been to winnipeg in the winter and My daughter wanted to zoo. May my wife. My daughter went to the zoo. In middle of december. Winnipeg got a. We got a private to her by the zookeeper because there was no one else there. Yes and i was looking forward to come back thawing. Outsell leeann let's jump into this. It's always an exciting topic about becoming an owner. A not just becoming a job a worker own court so actually offering a business owner. Yeah i think that's really one of the most common things we spike about it. Step aside you know when you you started a business You do it to very often. The business i and be on boston the next minute. You've cried yourself a job that you want and so there's everything you absolutely hate to do. Yeah and on top of that everything. You're not qualified to. Do you know all of the sudden you've gone from the diploma. The rufo the bill. Whatever now is near the accountant or the book. You're the you're the sows. Reputable marketing guy at no point of view have learned any of this. So yeah all of a sudden you're expected. This excited unites ridiculous. So i think i think there's a lot of sadly i think with the curriculum that way guy. Through without enact colleges well went sad not an economic side marching device. Kohl's spas from a practical point of view. But you know there's a real emphasis on a what a vase necessities involved in setting up. A business recently sparked to two hundred tough students here. Australia is tight as college. So we have. I said if occasion levels and base with a guy through a certification full which is basically the business licensing model that coal. So you have to do that. In order to ganja lawson's out there. Because i want to run a business but again there's a lot of things even not not coast. It's a very. It's a very compact curriculum Cannot i mean what all went through. It was a business level. stupid shit. You'd never going to wait with speaking two hundred attendees ivory our road modern design coal which was cool and now a lot of things that were really really interested because they don't getting get this information elsewhere and a lot of it is a lot of them had that monster. You're talking about like. I want to start a business. Not knowing that what they really want to do is condemn themselves so a lot of misery until to really understand. We're gonna talk about tonight.

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