You're Not A Business Owner Until You Start Thinking Like One

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We all start on al journey for many different reasons. Some of them personal some of them not so personal some of them ego based don't get me wrong. But for a lot of instances they're kind of similar united will kind of want similar things. It might be more. Tom wabe more income. It might be more control. Ever calendars at mobbing to not be dictated by a ruthless number of different things the realities unfortunately what happens. Is we end up buying those job and when we end up instead of dying from a position where we had one job we end up in five jobs where we're doing everything including sales and marketing doing accounting and finance invoicing. We're doing. I saw united management and all this kind of stuff at the crux of old. I was if you're thinking doesn't change and one to think like a business on. None of the other stuff happens. That might sound a little bit cliche. I thought it's it's the truth and we say it all the time you know we his people that stop these businesses up boy these great hopes and aspirations yet due to the fact that they've never really taken it upon themselves to learn the thinking of abuses on line. You know the important steps running a business then it all falls off this is ridiculous stats going around. You know about businesses filing within the first five years at like ninety percent or something on a knife. That's actually accurate but it certainly does bring harm the truth. The reality of the fact. The chances are that that the person that is running that business was not equipped to do. Sorry what was not at the rot stage yet. In order to be doing that you know so in this episode. We're talking about that. We're talking about the fact that you're not really a business owner until you stop thinking walk one. It's the second episode in a series that we've put together which is targeted directly to ownership thinking and this episode follows on from pot one where we were talking about You know wash. Sports teams tend to their goals out of the park trades. Business owners tried businesses struggle. It's really important and guys if you if you didn't get the chance to listen to one check it out. Come back and listen to this. What after because it we'll talk and whatnot anyway. I'm sure you're gonna love this episode. He fade back to. I'm sure a lot of you guys listening and watching these in that situation where your you know you you might be have been thinking abuses on artists. Held you back was seventy xperience head across the facebook booker. If you're not already a part of it leave comments. I'd love to hear some of your experiences and what you've done rotten perhaps even if you're bold enough let's not what you've done wrong so we

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