Health officials warn of post-Thanksgiving COVID-19 case surge


Across the nation. Today, Health experts are bracing for a post Thanksgiving surge in covert cases is comes while the United States anxiously awaits the process of getting newly finished covert vaccines approved for emergency use and rolled out America's top infectious disease specialist, Dr Anthony Fauci, tells ABC this week today that the health community is nearly certain Things are going to get worse before they get better. We likely will have an increase in cases as we get into the cold weeks of the winter, and as we approach The Christmas season. And as for those who did gather outside their homes for Turkey Day this year, Dr Todd Halloran of South Shore Hospital in Weymouth says people need to get tested. Best thing to do now is for anyone who's traveled and, you know cross bubbles. You want to go out. You want to get tested. We know that probably getting cereal tests is important as well because single test can sometimes lead to false negative result. Here in the Commonwealth. We're seeing no exception in the cove in 19 surge, state health officials reporting more than 2900 new cases of Cove it and 40 deaths in the last 24 hour count. Hospitalizations also won the on the rise, 1000 and 45. As of yesterday, 225 of those patients in ICU.

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