New restrictions in Santa Clara force 49ers to practice and play elsewhere

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Look at. What's going on with the san francisco. Forty niners all right. They're not san francisco there. Santa clara and santa clara county has decided in their infinite wisdom out there in california where you know they get hit with coconuts on the head. I think that they're no longer going to allow contact. Sports take place over the next three weeks which includes two forty nine or home games which also includes them practicing now. The forty niners had no idea about this until they landed in l. a. to play the rams yesterday and by the way. The rams did that call shannon's pretty good coat. I can't figure those rams out. Nick mullins man we're team what's diaz Deebo samuel samya so anyway day now are nomad team. And i think they're probably going to go to arizona to be able to go into their own separate bubble now because of santa clara county who they don't really get along with anyway because there's arguments over the stadium and who's paying what and everything else idiots okay the. Nfl is controlling this whole thing which they have. No no no no no no no no. We're talking about can't control even finish my sentence if the nfl is controlling the whole covid situation. And they've got their own protocols and everything else why the hell does the county have to come in and stop this thing because they're moroney politicians that's why don't you understand way to make it difficult for the team that is trying to play games. During season pay taxes in your county withdrew its players and through. Whatever else means. They're making any sort of money so california. What's the advantage here for these. These moron politicians that you say got hit in the head with coconuts i have. I have no idea what the advantage is gonna be seinfeld. I don't live in california. it's the most beautiful state in the union. And it's run by a bunch of morons. But i have no idea what the tell you. Why would they do. Why i guess you know. And there's also friction between the team and the county and i know why they're there. I understand why they're doing it because they want to stem the tide of the virus. Meanwhile the virus has been growing out there like crazy no matter what they do. Why is there friction between an nfl team in the county because of the money that i'm sure the county has to pay to the nfl team. In order to build a stadium there. I know that hamilton county. Cincinnati hamilton county and cincinnati. Gave the bengals everything they wanted to stay in cincinnati. If you remember. Mike brown the owner of the bengals visited baltimore before the browns visited baltimore to kind of like shake things up in the county that is hamilton county cincinnati. You know the kind of leverage the ability to move to another city to get what they wanted from the city of cincinnati or the county of hamilton. And if you remember santa clara county was being used against san francisco candlestick park was and everything else in the leverage and where we move into and all this other stuff and county politics and it's tax subsidies for billionaires which socks i understand that but they built the stadium i feel is gonna tell pro football team. Who has a yen that they have to play under these strict protocols that they can't play in their own stadium. Because you're just being putz a yeah. I don't think this is gonna stick. I bet you we get some news in the next couple of days and they change their mind on this. That's what i call shanahan. Basically look we we get la and the first question that is being asked of me by sixty men on my team are what are we doing. I got families. We got families in santa clara. We got we lived there. Were you know we should we. We moving somewhere going somewhere for the month of december by the way the month december. What does it include christmas. I mean so. This is like they're gonna change takes up. They're going to change. It doesn't make any sense either the fact that. There's no other reason for them to be doing this. And how do you think they're going to change. Clara county felt last year when their san francisco forty niners will come to the super bowl probably rolling in it. They loved it right. Oh my goodness politicians put on there. george kittle jerseys. And they were all touching each other at cutler. Couldn't wait to go to games or couldn't wait to be seen. They couldn't wait to all the crap but now now here you are a year later and now you would've thought they would. They would come out with something that said. Look if you are. If you're protecting high schools and colleges all right. i understand that you know. Those players do not have unions protecting their back by wednesday. It'll be done. you think so. Just like that someone's gotta gotta wipe it away it's gonna wipe it away this enough of this so bad i what happens if governor murphy does that the jets and the giants not gonna this. This thing is not going to go or or governor cuomo decides to issue a decree says the buffalo bills can't play football in the same right. He's not doing all really he's not doing it. He's not doing at governor. Murphy's not doing it in the santa clara things not going to happen. Watch watch by wednesday. It'll be over. Maybe by today is just too stupid. There's certain things are stupid. They just can't survive really can't it's got no likes. Maybe we're stupid. We're not stupid makes no sense. This thing is so stupid. it's got no legs now. If you would've told me it goes nano. Legs guys got legs. It has no last legs. If you wanna told me there was a legitimate reason why they were doing this. Outside of their own pettiness. They are trying to style the virus. This is not going to single handedly. Defeat corona virus. If they go practice arizona go go tell. A politician was to tell you how to live. Your life have what to do how they're going to get rid of this. They're going to do it. They've been they've california's been shut down literally since the beginning of all this and they still have rising cases so what could is the shutdown doing. Yeah i mean it doesn't seem like it's working. I just think that this is the forty niners. Somebody's jerry rice gonna make a phone call somebody who send just signed helmet reverse happening. Remember when the blasi was getting involved. With steve cohen. All took a little bit of this little fourteen. You need over here. You want this thing to be. Take this that that's all it's going to be someone. Call up joe montana jerry. Rice somebody will call up. And then they'll pay seventy eight is a pay off your right yeah yeah yes bloodsucking criminal. This is what you get that. That's what happened. It always happens that way.

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