Why Everything Leaders Are Taught About Growth Is Wrong


Over the years. The accelerate your business growth podcast has gained. Recognition is a great resource for small business owners. Sales professionals entrepreneurs business leaders. And that's because of the guests are these are folks who have expertise in particular areas of business and they join me for conversation where they share that expertise with all of you. Today is no different. My guest today is benjamin. Markovits a champion for growth a leadership expert and the founder and ceo of the rise institute which advances the understanding that human beings can grow and develop beyond their estimations and that expecting radical gross from those who struggle can and should be the norm using his expertise consulting work background in education and boots on the ground research on human behavior. Ben helps leaders accelerate their work and generate breakthrough performance in their employees. He believes the world will be transformed if people understand and recognize the possibilities for growth. Within every i just love that thanks so much for joining me today. Thank you for having me dance to be here absolutely so i am curious if you would share with listeners. Some of the things that you learned when you were working in education that have actually transferred over to business. Thank thank you for that opportunity. I i think it's just a really important thing when you're teaching kids in a school to feel that you are their leader and the distinction of being a leader of kids in a school is that you take full responsibility for their performance and so when as often the case kids. Do not grow as fast as you want. There's never any doubt that that responsibility is yours. And as i moved into being a leader of teachers. I recognize that that was just as important a relationship to have between me and them as their adult leader and as i discovered a branch out into other fields that that was a mindset that was i think unfortunately not not common so the approach to folks who don't perform well in the typical organization is to assume that that's their responsibility not their leaders responsibility. And that's okay if you can move them out and replace them rather quickly But i do think there are missed opportunities for growth that actually think many effective teachers know that many effective leaders of adults. Don't that's really interesting. So so cash that sends me like It is it part of what teachers are taught. You know as far as how to manage a classroom and how to get the most out of kids and that sort of thing yeah. I think it's the good teachers know this whether or not you have teachers who are actually measuring their results looking to improve learning in their classroom. If you look across those who really do an exceptional job. They all share this. One characteristic of how they culturally build their classroom. And this is something that i think. Most leader should pay attention to if they're looking to create a really accelerated business model. And it's something that i've you know over time nicknamed the growth cycle Which is a developmental idea. Very common ineffective classrooms less common among leaders of Of bigger organizations that anybody can really use to help everybody do a better job and particularly those who we think. just can't improve and and it holds that under performers typically need their identities elevated before their performance improves so thinking about from a student perspective. If you are a child who gets dis. You often think you're a d. student and we usually respond to that by saying well. Here's what you need to do to get a sometimes that that works. But i think rarely because usually that student is in a vicious cycle i get dis their formity student. I keep getting these and so on the growth cycle as us to change that statement to get dis. But i'm actually a student which creates more curiosity and motivation and confidence and planning so the vicious cycle can actually become virtuous one when we as leaders make that happen when teachers says you're a student we both know that. Let's see how we can start showing that here and then noting incremental progress

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