Permission to Be by Angelina Lee of Exploring Plan Be


Permission to be by angelina. Lee of exploring plan. B dot com quote. A man who wants to lead the orchestra must turn his back on the crowd mexico. Have you ever wondered what life could be like if you turned your back. On the expected as a society we've created accepted and followed certain norms. We have come up with a definition of success that entails so much more than being able to meet our own needs. we've created badges of honor and we call them business exhaustion and excess. We say to ourselves that we must do all the things to reap all the rewards and we must burn ourselves out in order to do it right. A slow simmering of unfulfillment from within gradually leads to a tumultuous and rapid over of discontent anxiety and despair. I was unhappy with what my life does lead to anxious thoughts about. What course my life should follow this in turn led to complete and utter despair as my instinct was to believe that i was feeling at keeping up failing at being able to do it. All i was feeling at life. Mind you if you asked me then to identify exactly what i thought i was feeling at. I likely would have explained some version of my life. That was programmed into believing was the only mark of success over time after much wrestling with fear. I've come to realize that. The lifetime crafting looks a lot different to the life that i had mapped out for myself so many years ago the life that i thought would have been most pleasing to those around me the life that would have signaled success to myself man to the world over time after a much longing for peace in my inner being come to realize that it is possible to be happy is possible to take time for myself. It is possible to live the life that makes me feel truly alive instead of merely marking my days. I recently had a conversation with a friend who left her corporate career to her passion in the conversation. She said to me that she never knew that it was possible to be so happy. Sadly far too many of us have yet to experience this level of fulfillment. The fact is that we crave validation. We need to know that our decisions will please those around us. We need to know that we are in alignment with the norms that we have unknowingly created and accept it. But the truth is that there can be no true fulfillment outside of finding our purpose and living our lives in a way that brings joy to ourselves and to those. We meet any no validation to do what you feel called to do any no validation to be who you were called to be unino validation to follow your dreams and live the life that you want to live regardless of the expectations that others may have for your life but if after all is said and done you still believe that you need someone to accept or approve your decision. Then here it is. I give you permission to be

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