Mute Button Takes Center Stage in Debate


And final presidential debate of wrapped up and deadly CBS reporter Steve Burns followed it from beginning to end and joins us Live for wrap up evening, Steve They leave on certainly, and more civilized affair than what we saw. With that first debate. The all important mute button I don't think became much of a factor is disagreement was expressed Maurin laughs. I rolls shaking of the head rather than interruptions between the two candidates. Topics and the lines of attack were mostly familiar. If you've been watching these two on the pandemic, President Trump's that a vaccine is weeks away, but then said he couldn't guarantee that On DH said people are learning to live with the virus. Former vice President Biden countered that saying people are learning to died with the virus and blame the president's ineptitude. For the need to shut down the country race relations and other flash point in the debate, the president teed up in attack involving Biden's 1994 crime bill, and the president called himself the least racist person in the room. Biden said parts of that 1994 bill were a mistake and mentioned President Trump's words at the last debate involving the proud boys, saying the president's dog whistle is as big as a foghorn. So definitely a wide ranging debate. I'd say night and day from the first in terms of control and substance, And now we have the finish line in sight for this race just 11 days until Election Day, leave on.

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