Hunter Biden's Laptop Linked to FBI Probe - burst 10


Does not give me much hope. For a future of the United States? No, it doesn't and. You Know Gordon says, how does this rabbit hole go and that's a good question. What do you think man I mean like you know we know how corrupt? Affairs in, we've seen corruption on the right you know but like Eddie says, you know trump's not bought out you can't buy him out. He's already be he went in with Shit on money and he's lost a bunch of money but. How much corruption you think is hiding in the right you know let's let's be. Biased on this right here you know we already know how we feel about the left in a nasty Nancy Pelosi We already know how that is right. But must also be biased and say how much corruption On the right side that is. Issues trump as a pivot man who use that term but use as a pivot man and go from there to the right and how much corruption you think is out there. Oh. I'm sure there's plenty. The elephant in the room right now, the elephant in the room right now. Is the American people. because. We don't know we've never been told from JFK assassination all the way up through. The political system that has now in vogue to this day, we do not know. And I think that is an embarrassment not only to the American people, but it insults my intelligence. When you hide something from me, we have a relationship with this United States government people, we have a damn relationship. And that relationship is almost like a marriage because guess what I trust you. I trust you to protect my family I trust you to make this a good country where I can raise my children and my grandchildren what the hell has gone. Wrong. I think. So a lot of says it's gone wrong is from. It started in the schools rick. It started back in the day when they first took. Prayer out of school. They took the pledge out of school. And

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