Election Now just days away,


Election Now just days away, Here's my short case for backing the Trump Pence ticket and voting for Republican senators and representatives in your state. On the corona virus pandemic Trump has done as well as any president could have done and certainly better than Joe Biden. You're safer and more secure because of the trump military buildup. The president made the necessary pivot with China and he's broken the first major peace deal in the Middle East in 25 years. On the economy. Trump in the GOP succeeded in bringing unemployment all time lows early this year. Now, even amidst the pandemic, the economy is bouncing back your 1st and 2nd amendment freedom. They're much stronger as well, because Trump is bolstered the Supreme Court and federal courts with strong judges who honored the constitution. Whatever you think of Trump personally, there's no question His policies have been good for the country. Join me in voting for a second trump term. I'm used to it. Public policy, not pepper, dine dot e. D u

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