Easy NewsRadio doppelgangers and Indiana natives Brad Stevenson, Pete Buddha, Djedje


Him. I was still the head coach at Butler University in Indianapolis. My friend came back down to Indianapolis and said. Oh, my gosh. I met this guy who looks exactly like you. You guys have so many of the same mannerisms. The only difference is he's a lot smarter than you are. But a judge joked basketball put Stephen's higher on the Indiana hierarchy and added kind of glad that this is a virtual event because I suspect that if we were side by side, people would realize the resemblance breaks down. When it comes to height, let alone if it came to skill. If I were ever in a situation having to attempt to shoot a basketball the priority of their chant, though, one message vote Adam Kaufman, W B Z Boston's news radio out to the roads 12 13,

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