Former President Barack Obama Fires Up Crowd At South Philadelphia Rally For Joe Biden


Barack Obama campaigned in person for Joe Biden in South Philly last night. Hey, what W's Andrew Kramer tells us this was Ah Drivin rally with a big Hello, Philadelphia. Former President Obama kicked off this 30 minute rally where he stressed over and over again the importance of getting out and voting 13 days until the most important election of our lifetimes. And you don't have to. You don't have to wait. November 3rd to cast your ballot. In fact, he told everyone to vote as soon as possible. He talked Obamacare and how President Trump has been trying to replace it for years to no avail. I got a big reaction when we spoke in favor of the black lives matter, Protests that reaction Ah, mix of cheers and hunks from Johnny King Marino and the rest of the crowd. It's really exciting, and I think what's great is that it's you know, everyone social distancing, they're being really careful. On DH. It's nice that you know politicians would be concerned about the people that are there. Signs everywhere, told people to stay in their cars. But once the former president hopped on the stage ah lot of people got out and headed to the barriers to get as close as possible. Outside citizens Bank Park Andrew Kramer, can one of you news radio. Pope's

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