Should the Patriots replace Cam Newton with Jarrett Stidham?

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Think this is where we need to start because it's where everybody is starting when we talk about the Patriots and where we're at with Cam Newton right now in terms of the Patriots quarterback of the here-and-now home and also maybe even looking Beyond here and now to the 2021 season even and here in New England you turn on Boston sports radio, and I'm not trying to pick on those guys, but there are definitely talking a lot about Jarrett Stidham and the possibility of benching Cam Newton for Jarrett Stidham. I think they're crazy. But that that's a topic for another day. Mostly I want to focus on what are your opinions right knee about how cam is playing and how he can obviously improve from objectively. What was a very bad game on Sunday against the Cardinals whether you're a chemist and or a cam hater. Yeah, and it wasn't dead. A game against Arizona and Arizona. First of all, I think you have to remember that Arizona's defense is a lot different than Houston's defense. It's a lot different than Seattle's defense back in week to that Houston game. That's you know game those were two games with Jim actually got the passing game going and you felt hey maybe they could put together a passing game that could actually be effective Arizona see on their athletic. They fly all over the place Isaiah Simmons budda Baker. Like they have guys that can play they have some different things and they certainly they were putting an egg nine guys in the box of times. I'm sure having you saw that as well. I know you have from some of the work you've done they were basically dare in New England like go ahead. S game by throwing the football and it looked like they couldn't, you know, they got a couple breaks at the end with a missed field-goal and Isaiah Simmons penalty then put them in position to win, but they didn't win that game because of the passing game, but you know, that often said, I think we all have to sort of take a step back and realize a couple of things one. You mentioned I studied quarterbacks. Each week at USA Today. I have to do what we call a QB camp where I put up five of my quarterback videos of the most notable quarterback performances. There are some weeks friends. It's hard to find five good quarterback package, which is league-wide It's just tough. This is one of those weeks like you might get Baker Mayfield than that because there's just not great quarterback players Patriots fans were spoiled from two decades of Tom Brady where we took the best at the quarterback position weekend and week out but then when you take a step back and you don't have that and you see guys like, you know, Derek Carr and his high variance play or Baker Mayfield in his high variance player. Look at Carson waves, I mean talk about somebody that's regressed. He's regressed all the way back to his senior year at North Dakota State quarterback plays tough. And right now we have a quarterback. That's high variance. Well, that's one thing. I think we need to remember the other is this he came in late in a strange year in the midst of a pandemic with no training camp more minimal training camp. No minicamps. No OTAs, no prestige. James be tough complicated offense to run that has so many different moving parts. You've read The Playbook, you know, Evan every road has like six different variations. I'm trying to do is hard. There are some play books that are easy. It's like oh, yes, this makes sense Bruce Arians Playbook. It's kind of easy. Nothing really changes Josh McDaniels doing the Patriots Playbook. It's like quantum physics for me. Like I I can't figure it out. And so to try to do that in the midst of all this is difficult. So with that context, I think you know, if you want to get into the home Jared versus cam debate. I don't really think there is one because as you pointed out this week on Twitter Bill Belichick has seen Jarrett Stidham now for almost two years. He's seen him every day in practice if Jake was going to be the answer to what fixed to what else is Patriots passing game. Yes, he would play him but he's not so that tells you what you need to know about Jackson them. I was on Jarrett Stidham home. Right before they signed Camp. I remember I wrote the peace and said look Jack said it was a planet quarterback everybody and I'm so glad I snuck in at the ad. Well, look if they could get can do it for cheap short not be great. But Jarod said it was a planet like two weeks later. I signed Cam Newton Cam right now gives them the best chance to win games. Is it through the passing game most weeks? Probably not, you know this week might be a get right opportunity. But if I you know, if for the 2021 season, I still think canvas done enough to earn the chance to win this job with a full complement of training camp preseason, all that stuff of the engine needs to get better at Short of the mechanics break. Absolutely not do they matter. Sometimes they actually do but right now he's the best shot they've got week in and week out to win games.

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