Radiation used to treat benign conditions up to the 1960s has led to illness and death

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Element because it does not have as it should. This is a sideshow today. We have news about space weather. That may make the prospect of life in some of those earth like planets unlikely tale about trees. And how we couldn't wait to get rid of them and boy in iraq who amid the bombing and terror was inspired by omni to become a doctor but he wants more is madame curie which for i find it easier to observe talking. I measure uranium and i discover less radiations than i do in. It's all the always more powerful than the element exactly the same test six times. I get identical results. My instinct is that there is another element that skewing the results. You think you've found an undiscovered element. If you're laughing at me then i'm not laughing at you as exciting pinprick of radium gathered from four tons of pitchman. The most beautiful thing you've ever seen smash beautiful thing. I've ever see from the film radioactive now showing marie curie who won lasting fame and an early death her dedication and here doctor says he is not from the university of technology. Sydney reflects on some personal implications of that story as a young teenager going through a pile of old family photos with my mother. I came across a photo of myself as a small child. Cute murad the photo showed me wearing a close fitting skullcap buttoned under the chin. An old fashioned bathing cup. When i ask my mother about it. She told me she'd made matching cups for all my clothes because lost some here after some medical treatment will actually she conceded when pressed are gone bold and stayed bald for a long time. Wash nothing to worry about. I was assured. So i didn't not thin anyway. Mom was off hand about it. I'd had skin problems. She said moore richardson. I suspect to talk about the problem rather than the treatment itself. The skin problem was ringworm of the scalp. A common enough childhood complaint but it could be nasty and like headlights in primary schools. Today it was a sort of thing. Scrupulous parents weren't happy to own up to win the ring. Mom didn't clear up. The local doctor's advice was to travel from our country town to sydney for treatment in a special facility at a big city hospital. Mom was vague about the details of the treatment. What she recalled from the sessions. While is that they'd rub some kind of cream on my head and then they'd turn a ray on it for a while. This was done several times. She couldn't exactly remember how many but by the time the treatments were finished. My head was completely bald at the time. I didn't push for more. It couldn't have been a major matter if mama so inclined to dismiss it. And i hadn't really thought about it over the years or at least not until recently many decades later when i was diagnosed with stage three muscle invasive cancer of the bladder and in the ensuing panic we began to rummage around in the family. History for possible reasons. Why no history. Nothing obvious but then the image of my small bald self came to mind by a strange coincidence not long before i'd heard an interview on abc. We've pulitzer prize winner. Deborah balloon about her book. The poisonous handbook achieve lee shocking. Mix of science toxicology history and to crime the book tells her poisoning motors tended to be perfect crimes in the early twentieth century until detective work in chemistry and toxicology established forensic science as a tool in the arsenal of the crime. Stoppers of the day among the poisons detailed in bloom's book along with us nick cyanide mercury carbon monoxide and thallium. I was surprised to find a lengthy section about radium. Deborah blum's droll reference to the early enthusiasm for radium stuck in my mind and so did a story. My specialist told me during a pre surgery briefing about the british town of huddersfield. In industrial west yorkshire. Many hundreds of factory workers in the area had died of cancer of the bladder in the twentieth century as a direct result of long term exposure to various toxic chemicals and dyes. I learned later. That warnings had been ignored by both industry and government and research findings suppressed

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