Per Grankvist is building a Swedish media empire around explainer journalism


Hair. Thanks for joining us and ohio. So i think what initially intrigued me enough to have you on. The show is that you said that the that you're basically running the nordic version of vox dot com for the uninitiated. Vox is a very public policy focused website in the us. Before we get into that. I wanted to start with talking about how you got into the news business in the first place like i think you started out as just like an independent blogger blogging during your free time right. That's right. I was blogging on the topic of sustainability and to understand and explain how companies could record sustainability and make money at same time and sustainability. Just for it's like a make sure of environmental issues how how companies can reduce their impact on the environment things like that right yup unwieldy social aspect of it so the supply chain and how you treat your people in your employees on the diversity questions. It's the full bag. And i was seeing. That company was starting duties and from a business perspective which was quite new in sweden. So i a cover that. And after a few years i got picked up a donald radar on the swedish businessweek and so they acquired the blog and asked me to head up the stain ability section. That was both online and events and in the paper unsold stock a couple of years. And what were you doing is like a day job while you were an independent blogger like was were you working in sustainability or was just the. Was this just an interest that you add. Start off as an interest. I was working as the head of sales and marketing. At wayne's coffee which is basically the is starbucks equipment in the and yeah. That was my day job. And i started the blog. Ganden started to do some. Freelance works talking about sustainability. the all new zealand Leaning into this trying to explain things so how did you. How did you find that audience for your blog. You know before you had any kind of institutional support. The audience found me. I think and so a lot of people start to reach out and asked if i wanted to come see them and i reached out the few companies. Say hey i need to understand a bit. More on those countries where i ki- and companies of that sort and they found me wealth read on the topic and we had way compensation dr turned into articles and sometimes speaking gig sensible and so you said swedish businessweek acquired you. Is that the swedish version of the american magazine businessweek. No it's it's it's a. It's a similar magazine. Exactly called business. That comes a fatter But it's basically the same but it's it's not affiliated and did they. Have you just come on and start blogging on their website. They did that and also they made me an editor and publisher. So i got to head up a new division focusing on covering these issues the emergent climate issues marching supply chain issues and so on. We did that. The nominee channel way which was kind of new and pioneering in duffield and. It sounds like swedish takes the sustainability stuff more seriously than they do in the us. Yes we do but also a bit full of ourselves so we come from a more sort of systemic point of view. Here is some research. And i've sunday's let's do this together. It's not it's not business oriented at all but more more from moral perspective or moral highground. what you could say about bitta. The greta The wasn't out approach here where we look at. How can we make business. How can we make money of this. As that was something i brought to the table and so working for that magazine. Did it raise your national profile. Like obviously sweden is a relatively small country. Compared to the us you became well relatively well known as a intellectual. Yeah you can say that. I mean i'm curious. Persons are trying to understand things and someone said Gold made the malcolm glad well of sweden of sorts. Because i was at a constantly getting interested in all kinds of new stuff. Oh here's something. Old filter bubbles. Oh here's something social media how that works on. So i tried to explain it soon as i learned something and that gave me a reputation Landed me a new job as the on the opinion pages of one of the big newspapers in sweden is a thug. Biggest national newspaper here by god gate Swedish national brokaw. Coster sat equivalent of pbs in us. Yeah so you became so not just well known in printed pap- papers but was it your voice or were you also appearing on tv i was also paying k the i do have much more of us that are radio. Appearance was forced on tv. So every friday. I come along to get with two other people on the panel discussed today. made make sense of the dole. I was basically my job. So you're a recognizable like you're walking on the street people would recognize who you're

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