Google's Amy Adams Harding on why digital newsrooms should 'act like an e-commerce player'


Welcoming hike aliens great to hear lessons Yeah so maybe. Let's get started by going through some of the publishers that you work with are they mainly like news focus or do they really just kind of run the gamut. We are mainly focused on news. Kaley but as as you might imagine. News has taken on broad connotation as of late so We focus a lot on local news so working with publishers like lee enterprises or village media up in canada. All the way up through You know the great lady new york times. We work with newscorp the some of their publications so really does run the gamut. Yeah and it sounds like it really runs the gamut to with the new of maybe people on staff and like the size of the publications themselves it can be one or two people and it can be hundreds and it really does depend on the type of news publication that they're covering we also work with broadcasters for example and some longer form news content like business insider or some of the magazine publishers. That are more news focused. okay awesome. yeah so I imagine that at the beginning of twenty twenty the concerns that your publishers. That you work with I'm not sure if you call them clients or partners partners. Yeah i imagine that the concerns that some of your partners had at the beginning of the year are probably very different from the ones that Came into the picture and say march or april But can you talk about Maybe what some of those focuses were at the beginning of the year. That might not be as top of mind now in where some of the New focuses began coming into the mix. Yeah i'd say that it's it's not that the the focus of these publishers has shifted one hundred and eighty degrees but it has sharpened so for example One thing that a year ago we were working with many local news. Publishers are in a more nascent. Forum would be there reader revenue program. I mean we redirect revenue. We we all know that the new york times has made a tremendous success out of their subscription business. But this didn't always filter down to your much smaller local news players but ask the pandemic emerged in as we saw a large and quick drop in ad revenue local news. Publishers called us up and said wait a second. Everything that you've been telling us about forming our reader direct monetization strategy. The time is now. We need to lean on our readers to be able to support ourselves through these uncertain times with the pandemic so that i would say that it has sharpened and accelerated that focus for our local news players in particular. Okay yeah that makes a lot of sense and i know for some of the larger publishers. That myself in my teammates have been covering over the past few months A lot of them decided to remove the paywall from virus related content But that ended up being a pretty significant driver of new subscriptions. I would say You know it was kind of interesting balance of lowering the paywall on that content. Got people more familiar with the brand. Made them wanted to like to support the journalism. More Is that the same thing that happened with some of these smaller. Publishers or more local news based publishers. Did they do that same tactic. Or what were some of the strategies that they took on well whether they employed whether they even had a paywall to begin with Or not the top of the funnel was being filled by this increase in demand for news especially around corona virus and we had several large events globally and in this country so it wasn't just corona virus with that was kicked things off in the beginning of twenty twenty and so our news publishers large and small found that they needed to take advantage of this opportunity to create loyalty amongst their casual readers. And that's something that my team actually focuses on quite a bit That idea of user engagement funnel so capitalizing on the opportunity of what These very important and intense news stories introduced in the facts. We we've been working with a publisher in the philippines called wrap ler and they are one of the largest digital only on news publications. They are and they had concurrently both corona virus reporting as well as their local election and might team worked with them to capitalize on. How do you. How do you take these new eyeballs if you wanna think about it that way and introduce them to the importance of your product and drive loyalty because he can drive a user down that user engagement funnel you can Create loyalty loyalty is the largest predictor of reader direct revenue acquisition. So we worked with them and it was highly successful and they were able to create marge increases in both the readership and their revenue because they were on top of their Of the funnel and driving readers down the funnel

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