Mick Fleetwood recreates viral 'Dreams' video on TikTok


A few seconds long, but it's helped this song get back on the charts to a whole new generation here, CBS News correspondent Matt Piper Mick Fleetwood, co founder of a legendary band, Fleetwood Mac, posted a video of himself drinking cranberry juice and riding a skateboard to this Fleetwood Mac song. He's recreating a popular tic tac video that features his band's classic song Dreams where 37 year old Nick Apodaca recorded himself doing the same thing. Fleetwood writing, Nick had it right Dreams and cranberry just hits different. Next video was posted on September, 25th has received more than 22 million views and help the song jump into the Rolling Stones. Popular songs of the week list at number 28. The song came out in 1977,

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