Severless: Improving How We Serve up Websites and Applications With Jerome Hardaway


Is serving a consultant? Please describe what is server list? It's been someone at work start speaking Greek they're like does. Oh Man service is a practice of. Instead of having thank goodness isn't a word. Instead of having like a like hard server that you're putting all your data off you're having something in the cloud another someone else's server. Is the practice of using servers that in API's in cloud signal. Sears yeah. So using API's in cloud technologies to serve data to the wet Ri-, handle all your date in cloud of the NBA API says two times. Really years. I had a long day at work. So this is great like how is that different than I make a website I put those files in the cloud like how would it be different than that? Like the the traditional way we sort of think about deploying a website to the cloud or putting it somewhere mean actually into. What you're saying to the cloud. By is either how people have actually been four score in seven years ago even touched up teepee, right? Like crazy old school so You think of FTP and putting your files way someplace in like a our. Core like situation. Oh. Here is my files and I'm dragging and dropping I'm waiting Dow Upload and then I'll hopefully though cash it takes twenty thirty minutes, right? Well, we'll. You're thinking of services and things that you have. I'll go off the most simple format right on one of my favorites allow the first thing. I. Introduced students to his search right surge dot S. H. so they build their bill their website. And they go on. into the CLI and a US surge of which is. A service that takes their tools, turns it all into a cdn then shoots it the Internet with his own domain name that you can either mass or you can make on the fly. They come up light really craze domain names like everybody else. So that is like the biggest lie it's easier it's faster. It's leaner right I think that's the biggest and it's empowering right I think that's the biggest w for specials coming in fronting game from a modern perspective is just So, much leaner for the new for the newer devs to come in and they're like, Hey, I get actually spend eight bucks on a domain name and use notify and surge and content full, and that's that's it at my blog up and running in like a week right and he's all like services tools that help you know Hitler cms in exact nature they in power the front end kind of makes me excited about them I think your your definitions solid on. So I. I think to make it a little more clear cassava like. Man I'm new the game I have no idea what you're talking about like all that stuff like making it even simpler. It's the idea of like you write a function right function takes input producing output. Right, basic functional programming. So imagine taking that function and being able to upload it somewhere. So that response to Internet requests. So it's not just your machine it's anybody. And that's the basic idea beyond Yeah. You can do that. You just taken input given output except you don't have to worry about any of the in between state it just works and then you can update it quickly over time. So it's pretty powerful stuff what I find fascinating Andrew you're you're touching on it is like Fifteen years ago. To make a web page, you needed to be a front end engineer like you need to engineer needed have skills you need no html css a little bit of javascript that hasn't changed. We have like shop fi and squarespace anybody make website. Now it doesn't take any skills. Okay. So tenure five years ago you wanted to play server to actually do custom stuff beyond like a wordpress site you need to be a friend engineer. You need to know that sort of thing you know how to deploy server all these things. Now at twenty, twenty you any of that. So you can build entire webpage silent how you want all that deploy deploy multiple regions have ends up all that stuff and never know any of the other stuff you'll leave your front engineer as much anymore. I think it's like the tail. Of of several lists. And we'll talk about surrealists why the name but but the tail that is just how it keeps evolving and like if you don't keep your skills fresh, you will give up behind because you're like Oh. Yeah. That's one of those who call themselves a webmaster. Like remember that I remember. That's a good point

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