Madam Alberte

Full Body Chills


Could be in a week a month who knows. Madame Albert has been a staple in our lives for a while. She often jokes that she's the witch of the neighborhood because she's old and has a lot of grey hair which is not always perfectly capped. Let's be honest. And also cooks a lot but not kids she would joke. And she has two black cats. One of them Milo is perfectly black. The other one ESTER is mostly black but she has a few white whiskers and a white spot on her chin and she also hates me for whatever reason. Cat psychologist, but she's probably Jealous Because Milo adores me and ignores her. Going to have to figure out if someone is going to take care of them. If I can call the station I don't even know where they took her though. I just can't even wrap my brain around this. What did Madame Albert? Do I mean? This has to be some kind of mistake. Ever since Marianne and I moved into the same building, she was always very sweet to us. As always isn't the best choice of words she was kind of mean, I? But not always to our face. When she was pissed, she often slurred. Words in French. Weird is a French immigrant town so I was quick to pick up on a few of those. She was worried that to students moving upstairs would be the death of her that would mean parties every night the clicking clicking of heels on the wood floors at midnight bites, broken glasses, water, damage issues, and different boys every day and night coming and going, and I'm not making this stuff up she told us. Jokes on her though because Marianne and I must be the chilliest students on the planet. I two broke have any fancy heels to click clack in. Would we want to more the sneaker type girls? As for Boys Not GonNa lie there have been a few boys during the year that we've been neighbors with Albert but nothing crazy and when she figured out that we weren't the devil, she actually loved hearing our boys stories. She. Often imparted on us her wisdom about love dating and marriage I should write a book. It's going to be a best seller and the tide will be how to keep a husband according to Madame Albert. It was actually a delight to listen to her ramble about husbands and how to keep them on the one hand. She had views kind of appropriate for her h you should cook and clean and do his laundry Marianne rolls her eyes. So hard that time you should listen to him engage in conversation if he feels inclined to and learn when to shut up when he wants to be left alone. And that one left Marianne and me speechless. But then Madam Albert. Carried on to explain that in bed though he should please you first and that he lady should teach all the menu sleep with about the female body. She'd say see I taught my husband and he was a great student. Then she'd inhale and exhale slowly. That is how she is. The modern woman meets the fifties wifey. With all that sex she had with her husband. She only had one son but she told us that she always wanted a girl. Actually she told us, she wanted tons of kids but fate decided otherwise. Actually. Funny Story with her son Antoine a few months after we moved in she tried to set us up on a date I was seeing someone at the time and Antoine also had a girlfriend as a matter of fact, I think he's been with her for quite some time but as I recall, Madam Albert vehemently hated her though I'm not exactly sure why and I don't really WanNa find out. I saw the statement so much to her so I accepted and I even convinced Antoine via text to just play along. We went out for pizza chatted for a bit and call it a night. We agreed on what we were going to tell his mother something about us just not having much in. Common Yada Yada. We still laugh about it when we run into each other. He told me once that his girlfriend didn't think us going on a fake date with so funny and in hindsight maybe it was a little inconsiderate of us. But Madame, Albert was so happy we went I mean she was a bit disappointed when things Didn't work out though. I think she felt listened to and that had to feel good. She's lived alone since her husband passed and since then sold their home and move to. Weird. So I doubt she has many friends here I might be her first. To thank me kind of she started bringing us tons of food Marianne was. First because how long can you really survive on microwaveable food and second because it was a huge relief on our budget? Marianne even jokes that I should have married the sun and we'd be set for life but no dude even if the stars aligned or something I still wouldn't date him I mean don't get me wrong. He seemed smart and all and raised right Kudos to Madame Albert but the spark just wasn't there. Either way every week we were getting new dishes, salty pies, sweet pies, meat pies. Things I can't even pronounce because they were so fancy and French and decadent. We're talking potatoes and cream butter and cheese. I'm going to have to ask her to make me another pie when she's here and things are all sorted out. I love how she just brings us food. Janine, asking what we want. She just make something for herself times three and we tried giving her money for groceries, but she never wanted and believe me I'm not saying this to make us look good but we even tried to sneak money to her once but she returned the day after and made us swear not to pull that crap again. I WANNA call Marianne to see if there are any updates but I mean, I guess if she had any, she reached out right away. But I'm getting really worried Madame Albert has to be Okay I. Mean I've grown so fond of her. I never knew my maternal grandma and my paternal grandmother doesn't really act like a grandma at all because I don't think she cares to be one. So I'm glad I have Madame Albert. I think she feels the same way about Marianne and me. She mentioned often how proud she is of her son but that the relationship between mother and daughter is just so different she says. and. Once Antoine left to live his life. She couldn't bear to be alone with her husband not that he was an awful manner anything. She always insisted that he was a good man, but he wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed. She wanted to talk politics literature. She wanted to learn how to use her iphone correctly, and she even wanted to get some snapchat action. But she couldn't have any of those conversations with her husband. She tells us that the two things he lived for was the PSG soccer team and weaken barbecues with their friends. Will that and their. Son. Antoine and his father were as different as they come but inseparable. Combat was very hard on Antoine. After his passing he and Madam Alexander kind of grew distant literally and figuratively. Ever since then she's really only had the cats to keep her company. I really wish I knew was going on. You know what I'll just call Antoine has to know something. Sorry you have reached a number that has been disconnected or is no longer in service. Oh thank God. Mary is calling. The voice on the other end of line wasn't. Marianne. I is this amy Marion's roommate. Yes. I replied. The person on the other line proceeded to tell me that she's a nurse at Saint Auguries Hospital and I needed to come right away because I'm listed as Marion's emergency contact and she had some kind of breakdown. And we're talking Marianne the most stable person I know having a mental

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