2 Navy Super Hornets Catch Fire, Make Emergency Landings Within Weeks at Oceana


To Navy Super Hornets catch fire make -mergency landings within weeks at Oceana. the from military dot com. a Navy F A eighteen Super Hornet experience an engine fire was forced to land at Naval Air Station Oceana. Virginia on Monday less than two weeks after a nearly identical mishap at the same air station according to the naval. Safety. Center. The two seater aircraft made safe arrested landing at the Virginia Beach Air Station. Commander Jennifer Crag a Naval Air Force Atlantic spokeswoman. A naval air force. Never heard of referred to that to it. That way anyway that the emergency landing took place around noon and involved a super hornet from. Strike Fighter Squadron the FA eleven the incident took place while training over the Virginia capes she said the aircraft landed safely at NASA. Or without incident aviation mishap investigation has been determined. Or initiated to determine the cause of the accident. There were no injuries. The navy is still investigating a September ten mishap involving a different F, a eighteen f Super Hornet also based at Oceana that aircraft attached to the F. One or three experienced an engine fire also in the Virginia capes region. I guess it must be hot and Virginia Capes were. GonNa say this the common denominator? Same Airplane and same region I don't know. Yeah. But two and two together. I. Anyway so At this point according to spokesperson Craig. At, this point it's too early to speculate the causal factors for the invite engine fire with both BFA. One three in via a eleven, but an investigation will determine the contributing factors. She added that ongoing training has so far not been affected by the incidence. It's also the third engine fire mishap involving the Marine Corps aircraft this month. On September Third Ach fifty-three, Super Stallion assigned to Marine Corps Air Station. New River North Carolina made an emergency landing in the Virginia Capes now, I'm just getting. From the base following in-flight fire that began shortly after the heavy lift helicopter took off all four Marines aboard at the at the time or safe and. injured. And that's also under best by the safety investigators are find themselves very busy all of a sudden. Security Yup

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