Protesters erupt in Kyrgyzstan after parliamentary election


For the parliamentary election to be annulled because of fears of vote rigging. Of broken into parliament, trashed the offices and apparently thrown an awful lot of paperwork out sort of falls like snow. It's lying all over the place in front of the parliament building. Parts of the building also appeared beyond fire in video circulating flashes come amid allegations of vote rigging in last Sunday's election, directed against President Surround by Gin Beach golf. On DH following the vote, only four parties out of 16 past the 7% threshold for entry into parliament. Three of those parties have close ties to the president. That's the nub of the issue joining us now from the capital. Is Caroline Eden, who has written extensively on the area and is there in place for us now, Caroline. Thank you for joining us. I mean, it's funny seeing the pictures of the protesters basically pulling the railings back and forth and back and forth. I remember seeing almost identical pictures a few years ago, when the previous well it was a revolution. Is this a rerun of the same kind of thing? One of the Out of the tensions that are coming out in society Now, what was really interesting was how quickly this escalated. So it's the same square that you're seeing the city from the Ality Square in central Fish cake. The last two uprisings were in 2005 and 2010. I went along to the protests about four o'clock yesterday. After name on by eight o'clock, things have escalated dramatically. From the point of view. It was you felt it was time to leave. Did you? Did you mean Sometimes the atmosphere is described as a celebration? Was it uglier? So about 44 30. I was there, and I should have taken some video footage on DH watching people waving flags and making speeches on it was sort of tense, but it was okay. Barry is the starting scallop around allergies for eyes watching my phone on and I could see some people were tweeting about rightfully starting to stifle. About a block away, and I thought it's probably a good time to leave. It's a brilliantly sky. Lovely Autumn day, I walked back to my apartment about 10 minutes away from the main square. Andi and this this sort of carried on and on and on. And now the president has urged the opponents to stop public protests. This from the BBC team the moment but he's also said I've ordered security forces not to use firearms. What happens now? The demands of fairly clear they want a rerun of the election. Some politicians as I understand it. Saying Yes, we will rerun the elections. But there's also reports again from the BBC of demonstrations in support of the president elsewhere. So are we seeing once again the split in Kyrgyzstan demographics, the split in society coming to the fore. It's definitely a split, and there are protests and rallies happening in other cities around the country. There is nobody in power at the moment. There's sort of no interim nothing in the Internet. Nothing Forthcoming. We don't really know what's going to happen, but I think what was shocking last night was how quickly things escalated how violent it was so by eight o'clock the sky was flashing on and it was a sort of sound of stun grenades and tear gas on DH. Dumpsters on a sort of street behind me was still smoldering. Eight o'clock this morning. There was probably no live ammunition. But I saw cartridges this morning that a friend of mine Believe probably had metallic bull projects. Alden and the police were using It was extremely violent, and it went on all night. It sort of only calm down about 5 30 this morning, Things went bit quieter, but you know, men running through the streets of patterns. Very, very wild. Very quick, Right. Do the opposition have a figurehead. I mean, there's the call, for example, to release Political prisoners is not quite clear from the reports that we've been seeing here about whether anyone has been let out of jail. But there are people who regarded as political prisoners at the previous president is still sort of in play as a figurehead as well. Does the opposition have a demand beyond the rerun of the election or a figurehead that it can coalesce around? I think it's really unclear at the moment. I mean, what was what was crazy last night was not only that the White House, the presidential building was very contention. Storm disease. He mentioned it start in parks but replace those protesters inside. Thie imprisoned former president Almazbek Survive was also sort of freed. So I think everybody's from the national security unit size and everybody's going to be wondering what's going to happen with him, But it's sort of very uncertain at the moment and will be very interesting to see what happens. In the next 24 48 hours here. The city itself is sort of shuttered, where I am really in the censor people this morning. It very tired and anxious in the past year were littered with These empty cartridges on DH. I think there's just a lot of confusion. Eyes very, very complicated. The political situation here, Caroline listen many, many thanks indeed. Do stay safe as well.

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