Los Angeles County To Allow Private Gatherings In Accordance With State Guidance


Catties poised to permit small private gatherings again Health officer order will soon be updated to align with recent changes in state guidance, which allow outdoor gatherings of people from More than three different households as long as they all wear face covering and stay at least 6 ft Apart, noting that all gatherings with people who are not in your household, increase your risk for transmitting We're becoming infected with covert 19 Barbara for Ares, the county's public health director. It is recommended that if you do gather with two other households, you do so with the same household each time, creating a quasi bubble that can reduce the risk of spreading the virus to others. The decision to lift the ban on gatherings comes as the county's estimated transmission rate is rising, were also seen an uptick in cases and they're now expected to keep going up, and there's been an increase in Sight outbreaks. We are threading the needle here, but I think it is appropriate for us to try to do some of the activities that people are desperate. To be able to do with absolute adherence to the guidance Since the pandemic began, more than 285,000 County residents have tested positive for covert 19 and more than 6800 have died.

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