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Not actually that that was well, anyway. The president calls the Democratic vice presidential candidate, a monster. He repeatedly labels the speaker of the House Crazy. He calls for the Justice Department put the prior president in jail. He attacks the governor of Michigan on the very day a plot is discovered to kidnapper. Democrats launch blistering attacks of their own. We'll stop right there, considering what the president just did. Does it not make sense of Democrats respond? But I'll let Romney finish. Democrats launched a blistering attacks of the Rome though their presidential nominee refuses a stupid, slow as others. Pelosi tears up the president's state of the Union speech on National television. Keith Olbermann calls the president a terrorist. Media on the left and right, amplify all of it. Well, first of all, uh, we're close, she did was symbolic. And I think appropriate considering what the president was saying that night. Keith Overman calls the president a terrorist. E. I could

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