Study of Eli Lilly Covid-19 Drug Paused Due to Safety Concern


We begin with another drug maker, halting a study for a Corona virus treatment. Safety concerns air pausing Eli Lilly's antibody trial. We get the very latest from Bloomberg's Tom Busby. Nathan and Karen Eli Lilly says enrollment of participants in a clinical trial of its antibody treatment for the virus has been paused due to a potential safety concern and independent data Safety monitoring Board recommended pausing enrollment in the government sponsored trial. Lily did not say why the panel recommended the pause. Lili is one of several companies developing so called monoclonal antibody therapies, which can potentially aid those with early covert symptoms from developing severe cases. Tom Busby Bloomberg Daybreak. All right, Tom. Thank you. They're lovely News comes a day after Johnson and Johnson polished. It's Cobain 19 vaccine trial because of an unexplained illness. Jnj chief financial Officer Joseph will kills us. The company pause the trial on its own The public I would hope would look at Today's temporary pause and again be reassured that we hear a Johnson of Johnson and I believe across the industry or following every proper safety protocol guideline to its utmost degree. Book says adverse events are unexpected part of a drug study. JNJ doesn't know whether the person in question received the vaccine or a placebo as the company is not privy to that information at this

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