City of Miami announces road closures ahead of President Trump’s arrival on Thursday


Up Miami commuters, You could have some major traffic issues. This afternoon's vice president Mike Pence, and President Trump arrived for campaign events. There will be rolling road closures for pants who's appearing at Memorial Kumano, followed by Obama Educational Center in the next few hours. Entire MacArthur Causeway said to be shut down completely between 7 P.m. and 11 P.m. as president. Trump appears at the Perez Art Museum, the alternate arteries such a 79th Street causeway. Julia Taro or the Venetian to go in and out of Miami Beach without any traffic. Miami police officer Kenya Fiat says Biscayne Boulevard will also be shut down between 7 39 30 Tonight between North East 8th and and 13 13 streets streets about about

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