Rested Bills melt down with mistakes in 42-16 loss to Titans

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Did you see this common? Did you see the titans rolling up a forty? Burger. On the bills who look they look like the team that had a cove nineteen nightmare with layoffs and close facilities and long stretches without play not the titans. I. Didn't see it coming. I mean I think that if you're someone that just observers football. How much do we know whether or not practice time? Is. A key indicator of success I? Mean I'm saying you never practiced but I think the bills having to split attention I'm talking like deep staff members, players studying tape between the titans and chiefs might have been a bigger factor. But when the game started tonight I mean this game to me is about mistakes by Josh Allen that we haven't really seen up to this point. They came home to roost tonight. The first interception was not on him. That was a deflected ball the second one though was and Ryan Tannehill? Kind of another notch in the belt of Sane for all of us on I'm included in that the question whether the off season and into this season would have been a path that showed us that Ryan Tannehill. Last year was an aberration from the rest of his career. He's not going to reach those typical heights, but he really fits in this offense. He is a tough minded quarterback and we see it with this runs. Tonight we see with him blasting for a first down that it didn't seal the game further sealed the game late late on his pinpoint passes play action attack under Arthur Smith you probably. Generated About Fifteen head coaching interviews during this game because it was on national TV because for some reason, Arthur Smith is still a little under the radar and I think it's about. The Smith the Arthur Smith. I mean you'll see that the future of offense I know it feels like. Like a paint company I get that it's not it's not something that sticks out but the bills defense. Week I. Think we came into the year thinking the titans defense might be the part of that team that kind of lax identity. Well, tonight, they really they put forward a great performance and caused havoc for the bills were the bills defense up the Middle Johnny Smith other guys just being victimized. I'd be real concerned about Buffalo's defense because teams are going to look at this and say, we're going to attack them this way.

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