Confidence Affirmation


I want to share with you one of my favorite quotes. is by Napoleon Hill who wrote the classic think and grow rich. He also wrote another lesser-known book called outwitting the devil and that's kind of what you're doing this week as you focus on confidence. And I WANNA mention to you that. As you go through this weeks series, you're going to be exploring. A letter every day that represents the focus for the day, and it's following the acronym believe. B. E. L. I. E. V.. E.. So yesterday was be for believe. And today is e for effort. So you're believe quest is all about that. It's all about putting forth effort that is going to stretch you out of your comfort zone a little more so that you become more comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. So you don't have to show up perfectly just simply have to show up. So. Put forth some effort to stretch out of your comfort zone. I want to share that. Last year at this time. I was going through Yoga teacher training. And now is such a hard experience for me because I happen to be with just a small group of people who were also receiving their teacher training. and. They were really competitive which was unusual because. We were becoming certified in your guy, which is union. But. For whatever reason, this group of people came together and I was not very good in the class fact, I hadn't studied much before I showed up because. We were going to learn. While we're there at the school. But the other people had studied they knew the different yoga alignment and postures really well. And I. Had learned. So many of these ancient. From my teachers in Asia. Where they were really a Censeo or a guide. and. There wasn't a book in fact, they didn't allow books are not taking because they wanted us to absorb the experience from one heart to another. Because we can have all the book knowledge or theory without really experiencing the full journey from a complete beginner's mind. To Improving To failing to moving forward this whole process. So when I would be paired with. People. And we would practice the different postures together. Sometimes of people would just tell me hey, that was terrible. And I remember in particular this one. Guy That I was. Practicing, with he was so disgusted by me that I didn't have every single pose memorized during a practice session. And I remember looking at him and telling him. I'm doing my best. This is what I can do right now right here in this class. This is a process were not required to know every single thing right now, we're supposed to learn it a little at a time because we're students. and. He just looked at me and said. Yeah okay. So. It was interesting that at the very end of our training, we had to give our final graded. Yoga class where we put everything together that we've been learning the whole time and it should be a nice seamless flow. And this was in a group of people which included the instructors as well as students as well as the other participants in the Yoga Teacher Training Program. So I did my presentation and I had the best time. It flowed very nicely. I enjoyed it and I hope the students did too. They said they did. But this guy who'd been so harsh with me he. Forgot some of the major poses he was supposed to show. The alignment. The flow. And he was really nervous. I felt great compassion for him because. I know he felt pretty confident previously throughout the course and then to go up there and have the greeted session be. Such a flop. I know he was disappointed. But I think that has to. Do with. Knowing where you are an honoring that not trying to pretend. That you're someone else or that. Your Life is better than it actually is just know that maybe you're going through a time where you're struggling and honor it.

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