Apple Launches $99 HomePod Mini Speaker



Ninety, nine dollars for the home pop mini. So humbled is much smaller homepage just a little ORB finally, enough very similar to the new design of the Amazon Echo, which is also circular. I love when this stuff happens you know like thus cylinders now the will balls and that's where we we're at this point we're candles. One of those candles you light to like drive mosquitos away or something exactly or like a little coca looks a little coconut. Coconut mini. I think that it is clear at this point that price point when we all draft pick was under two hundred because we thought maybe one, nine nine why was? Ninety nine as the price that's I was surprised now as a had some people out to me. Is Forty nine dollars. So I like apple still offering this at a premium price, but for apple and the P- the home pod. They they've come a long way is what I'm saying go to ninety nine dollars. Connected Home Product is pretty pretty big for them. Look he's Prime Day today you can get an echo dot for thirty dollars right Lakefront but this is today by the way. I'm day one and everyone out there listening happy Prime Day. But I think the point here that we're making is they are selling this product at a much better price point than we would expect half of what you'd expect, which does mean that they're at least attempting to be competitive in the way that apple does this wasn't the homeport. The original home pod was always significantly overpriced right compared to what it was going up against and I think it could be fed to say that you know th and also the echo dots you can get for like twenty dollars old ones. And Amazon have new ones coming. And yes, they will be cheaper than the homepage but again, this is apple right? Is this what the home pod should have always been should the original homepod ever should've existed? Yeah I mean, this is I. Think this is one of the questions. This is apple. Learning a lesson like the the existence of this product is apple learning a lesson from what happened with the relative failure of the home pod which I think. We've all known for a while now with kind of over engineered and really overpriced. So they are they seem to have learned a lesson. Which I think is interesting that they've done that. I'm also interested by the way that this is the homepage. and. The homepod appears to continue to exist, and that makes me wonder if perhaps there is still going to be. A home pod. Like. Are they going to take another crack at that of like a higher or is this going to be you know product range whereas in the end going to be the only one that's out there I'm curious what what they are thinking about this and where they go from

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