Agenda issues. Instead, they're focusing on humanizing Barrett


Hearing for Amy Cockney. Barrett moved into its third day today after a day of opening statements, followed by a day of questioning. Democrats again asked Trump's high court nominee questions on a range of issues, most of which Amy Cockney barrel declined to answer. Christopher Martinez reports. The 22 members of the Senate Judiciary Committee held their final day of questioning and confirmation hearings for Amy Kuney Barrett as before. Barrett declined to answer many of the Democrats questions on issues like the Affordable Care Act, But both Democrats and Republicans were able to use the forum to push their respective points. Republican Committee chair. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, opened the hearing. And this is history being made folks. This's the first time in American history that we have nominated a woman who's on it. Shame Leap pro life. And, uh, embraces her faith without apology, and she's going to the court. A seat at the table is waiting on you. Republicans are trying to downplay connections to Republican and trump agenda issues. Instead, they're focusing on humanizing Barrett and emphasizing that the nominee is a woman. Graham and also President Donald Trump are trying to court the women's vote in their respective reelection campaigns. The National Law Journal has published an article with the headline. Hurry. We Need a Mom on the Supreme Court. Democrats, on the other hand, continued to criticize what they call a rushed nomination process. Senator Dick Durbin is a Democrat from Illinois

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