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The World at Large


Moderated by russia who bragged saying oh. The united states couldn't ever shared this deal. Germans the french but we know she did it so better than the united states at negotiating deals in the caucasus. Not realize exactly what they said but they did say that they are better at it than united states and so they had to and so russia moderated it and we'll be sending troops to lake impasse which controls the path between stepanakert which is the capital of the disputed region of nagorno-karabakh and mainland armenia. And if you guys don't know nagorno-karabakh again for brief summary. It is a region inside of that is recognized by the united nations but as a part of john but it's armenia majority in armenia recognizes nagorno-karabakh as and not other bijon says this has been our land historically it just because the united nations gave it to them does not mean. It's actually there's an. So that's why i mean is coming from right and so the armenian prime minister

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