What if when you took your hat off it was full of spiderwebs

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Hey there folks in welcome back to what if world the show where your questions and ideas inspire off the cuff stories. I mr eric your host. And today we're starting off with question from patriot named izzy crashed and could hat fourth buydell. Wild that is truly something. I've never imagined and it makes me want to check my hats. But first we've got one more question from miriam. Hello my name is. Miriam and i six years old. My wife question is what if the dog had a bike in how wings and fluid all over. What if city by dan you so much miriam but before i get to that i gotta shout out for james happy. Belated birthday james and hello to your little sister lucy. Liu i've got a big bit boop to oran from riverside california. He likes minecraft and legos. Well not a shout from owen. Who seven from of michigan. And he likes to play super. Mario arrive. Got me al out. Far from san francisco. She's eight years old and she knows how to spell jfk f. correctly j. f. k. a. Aol we spell out the now. Joe joe burrow seed while my lash out is atlas. Age eight from bellevue washington. Either very special final shout out to a grown up boy named rin rennes daughter. Abby wanted to give a shoutout to her father who absolutely loves legos playing with his five children. wow rinse. sounds like one. Lucky dad indubitably. Now let's find out what if when you took your hat off. It was full of spider webs. And what fred. The dog had a bike and it had wings and he fluid all over. What if city fair release was enjoying a dinner at home with her partner. Sprite and their daughter pixie cotto tonight they were breaking the dinner rules a little bit by having the radio on so they could hear who won the what. If world presidential election below those hero parody on the radio. Now papa lose. Voice came out of a tiny speaker in a little old fashioned radio box or i'd after a lot of kids voted all over the world. Although wetter i'll add slide is odds they for dramatic effect. Not because i misplaced the envelope as that as a buck barker oak mexico. Let's just ten the radio off and enjoy our dinner. Martha it's ever so important. Who looks after. What if we're gonna have to agree with pixie. Gato find but we're shutting the radio off and enjoying odd in a moment. He announces the president. While it's bad at excited two hours of may search out by house looking for the envelope. That good tapes. They answer to that question. You all bad. Asking all the search for the oval lopa. I forgot what my question was. Who's going to be president of farrelly. Did he hear me through the radio. I did just hair you through the radio. It's your day but they all below okay but you clearly me that time to anyone else who baby shower. They got their radio right now. Yes i did just it. Faira lease god bore boats by far that eddy other candidate. But i didn't know. I was running for president. Just dead farrelly's didn't even know. She was roddick. Ver- president laura. He must be able to hear me right. It seems likely mother. Yes all right. Let's set up all ladies. Gentlemen people of all kinds off giant on a magical creature of horror as just burst. Its way into my studio and snow. These into war of the worlds type peak. Dc's actually happening gotha go. How dare yo break at studio. This is very clearly a tool shed. The owen porter biker afforded. A place ed's a studio by jabba. Said so what i said. You said that the wherever microphone adds up odds studio. I said that to get you out of the house. Well i'd had a nice rageh must've been some mistake with the presidential election. What did you hear the will say ads right here. No amount of paper wrinkling would make me believe that. The people voted against. I didn't vote against a lot of them voted for you. They have it. I have of dow. I just tried to soften the blow. You lost you lost big time.

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