Miami - Tropical storm warning now issued for the Florida West coast


Now now issued issued for for the the Florida Florida West West coast, coast, from from Anita Anita Beach Beach to to the the Swanee Swanee River. River. Tropical Tropical Storm Storm 80. 80. Now Now with with 65 65 MPH MPH Wind Wind is is moving moving north north toward toward the Florida Panhandle. Mark Thibodeaux from the Weather Channel says the storm is moving into an area of the Gulf where water temperatures have cooled down into the seventies, not the proper surface environment to support A Category one hurricane So the official forecast is for this weekend into a tropical depression depression as as it it attempts attempts to to go go up up towards towards Panama Panama City City and and into into parts parts of of southwest southwest Georgia. Georgia. Perhaps Perhaps as as we we get get into into this this weekend, weekend, Florida Florida Corona Corona virus virus

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