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The first time. I met david. I had just gotten out of class at the groundlings really late at night. It was like ten thirty. And i was about to walk to my car by myself. And it's in the heart of hollywood on melrose and my teacher was like whoa. You shouldn't walk to car by yourself. So she asked a nearby group of students to walk me to my car and happen to be david and his friends. And i remember. We chatted the entire time to my car. And i thought this guy. He is charming and he is funny. Really made an impression on me and later when i would ask him about that night. He has zero recollection of it. So i i apparently made quite an impression on him which really makes me feel good so i do not remember that story. That sam just told And i would have remembered it. Because i remember faces and i definitely would have remembered hers my first time. I thought that i met sam. She was on stage and we were going to see a show and everyone was talking. Oh the sam girl so funny. And i'm very competitive as a. She was like whatever. She's not that funny but she was. And i remember just seeing kind of flop around stage like a muppet and it made me laugh. And then we asked her to do a show with us in our improv group. And she just hit it off with all us but i think especially me and Yeah that's that's how i remember meeting her. And that's how one could hope to be described on their first memory as as a muppet flopping around. That's when you know i do. Love the muppets. Okay well then. I guess that's good but i think the reason david quickly became my best friend out here in los angeles is he just had i. It's weird saying like he's the male version of me but it really what hit. Don't make a face like that but it was. We had such a similar style with comedy. And i knew if i would say something it would set him up and he would go exactly where i was thinking and it was so easy with him and we soon started filming things together. Or just saying like oh yeah. Let's let's hang out to do this. We would go to lunch all the time or go on walks and these were strictly friends. My time husband knew him and he would come out to lunch with us as well but it was just so easy and also just seeing somebody who could make me laugh like that. I would just like draw. He's he was very magnetic and i was just him. We're very similar in many ways sense of humor and competitive so we play basketball. I used to crush her. She may have been a little bit more physical than she should have been on the basketball court. I the only thing that ever happened. That was a little untoward one time after a show or rehearsal or something. Everyone like fell asleep on my floor. We were just exhausted and she may have held my hand and i was like that's when i realized that like and at that point she was also separated. But at that point i think even i was like oh. This is more than just friendship. Our first date is interesting because it wasn't even set up like a date. We were still friends at the time. And i was in the sunday company at the groundlings. And there's a we had a big opening night and there's a big party afterwards and after it was like two in the morning and he said hey. Can you hang out. do you want to talk. And i was like sure. And it wasn't weird because again. This is the person that you know. I'd been texting all night telling him how great the show had gone. And how excited i was and so i met him at his apartment and i was all just up From the party. And i was wearing these big heels and he wanted to go take a walk at the park right across from his apartment which was panpacific park and So he gave me these old slippers that his dad had given him. I think their size. Like twelve or something so i am wearing these like clown shoes and we go over to the park and literally like flimflam fluently falling him along the walking trail. And we you know talk a little bit about the show and what's going on and then we're just quiet walking and after a while he said you know don't you housing know what. And he was the quiet for a little bit longer. And he's like that. I love you and it was the last thing that i was expecting to say like i. There was no like this is going to happen. Nothing and we just kept walking. And i was quiet for a while and i was really thinking about it like we. Oh wait and so the first thing i said back to. I think i love you too. Because it was just dawning on me. And so we strolled a little bit longer and then we happened upon a bench and we sat there and at this point it's like three or four in the morning because we've been like walking and talking and i just like nestled into him and he put his arm around me and i had my legs draped across his lap with like my clown shoes just dangling off and we just and it was so funny to us. We're like what is happening like we're best friends and now here we aren't as drop and the i love you and it felt so natural. And there was no weirdness because this person knew me better than anyone else in my life and so yeah i remember after this magical night. I was like okay. I lean in for a kiss and he shot back. And i was like i'm gonna throw up. Oh god no. I've done it all wrong. And he's like owner. I i. I want to do this the right way and i was like. Oh okay. why did i feel compelled to tell her that i loved that very night. I don't know i guess. I'm not a huge believer in the cosmos. But i guess the stars aligned like it was two in the morning. We were walking around. She just had a big night for herself. I needed the attention. No no she just had a big night. And i think for me it just felt like It was coming out and it was. I felt like it was kind of obvious. And i guess i wanted to say it and i thought her being there to the morning us walking in this park and this bench and it just felt right and i thought she was in the same place. Can you imagine if i was like what are you talking with us i. I knew that that wasn't going to happen. I knew how she felt so it felt simple and easy and everyone talks about. You gotta fight for it. I'm like it shouldn't be that much fighting. You'll get into those fights later when the kids app. Yup just sorta felt simple and easy. And i wanted to do it. Thanks for listening to finish this episode and hear more. Follow our love story. Free on spotify wherever you get your podcasts. New episodes air weekly every tuesday.

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