Brandi Glanville Apologizes for Tactless Erika Jayne Divorce Post

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The real housewives are at war again. This time over a divorce so brandy glanville is being accused of cashing in on her friends. Heartbreaks brandy posted a link on instagram to story announcing erica james divorce. She later deleted the post in. Tweeted an apology. Saying i took xanax earlier. Because of what's going on in the world. I didn't see the post on my idea. Erica jane until this eve. And i deleted it the second i saw it. As i've said in the past. I leased my social media out i in no way would have been that insensitive interesting least her social media out meaning like she has a social media manager or did somebody probably controls. It and i do believe that she does that. I don't think brandi glanville is trying to start a media conglomerate and is trying to be the next to you but i do think that sometimes celebrities let loose and let people just control their things. Get in hot water. Sometimes i mean what would make even the social media possess. This is a good idea this rain here. People are talking about her doing this. This is why they do it. But i mean for her to write that that statement astor if i were i would be very upset at the first the first of all. I'm still unclear charisma. To your point about what leasing her social media out means like to me. It sounds like she allows other people to go on it and post on behalf of her but just on behalf of what they think is like. I don't know just determine a little confusing hard to follow. I don't think brandi glanville type of personality as we've seen many times over like put her foot in something and then take it out and be like i didn't mean to do that. I think she sees things through. So i believe her when she says i wasn't aware what was going on but i just think it's also one of those things that's like why this is like another little thing that brandies attached to that like. She didn't mean anything by but like now. Everyone's speculating insensitive. Don't you guys thing. Set the th. That should not have no women. No none of the women should be talking about erica. Cajones divorce on their social media. That can be on the show dealt with on the show reportedly win a celebrity has a lincoln their bio. It can usually mean that they're getting paid for the post. And i just checked right before we came on the air. The lincoln brand new bios till goes to this story. She didn't website I'll double check. The website will pay you to post for them. I have friends that are in acquaintances. That are famous and relatively known people that i talked to on a weekly basis. And of course i hear gossip about them all the time. I never bring it up until they bring it up. Because i never know win. Our how are what they want to talk about. So i'm going to bring it up not gonna bring it up. Panning could be the camera like here. This why it's still linking to it. Okay so i'm very confused on. If she really is sorry didn't mean to lease it out. Why still keep it in the bio. Unless like she has a contract with celebres and she needs to keep it up there for certain amount of hours. Something along those lines to nevada those votes. Because you're looking way too deep. Today's use your tactic somewhere else where it's day. I'm just curious. Okay well good news you guys. Maybe bad news. I dunno depends on how you feel about the whole relationship and the whole situation but we just got some photos of bachelorette clare crawley that. We have to talk about claire. Who spotted in her hometown rocky and massive diamond ramo on that finger. John don't do it like no. Don't talk about the shape of the rig. You know. I mean these married. Here's the thing that's definitely a wedding ring or engagement ring She knows she's going to be photographed. She knows we're going to speculate about that isn't the isn't the again. I'm not the biggest bachelor person in the world but isn't the point to like keep the end result of what happens to you completely secret until the series is wrapped. I don't think she really cares. Guys this really crazy that's right. I don't think she gives a shit. And i think the reason is. I don't think leaving the show was her choice. I've looked back and looked at this. Producer are abc executive. Did this podcast with nick. Vile and in the podcast. They talked about clare crawley and the producer said and i quote when she gave herself. The group rose because dell wasn't in the group that's when we started making the call. So i think at that point clare. Crawley was told. You might have to leave with dale this unacceptable. And you have to go. If they're going to break the contract and break the rules. I'm gonna do the same damn thing and i'm going to rub it in their basis. I found love and i. That's a good point because typically the reason why is because they are under contract and they can truly get sued if they let the cat out of the bag too soon. Isn't that's why there's sometimes photos so adamant about keeping secrets but you may have good argument there. If they if she feels that she could that they've worked the contract. I ending her season. Then she might say all bets off. Y'all can just no. I did damn thing now. Do you think she actually went through and got married forty. She's just letting everybody else because also that's that's public record right like if people get married. That's the bachelor does not control the courts like we. We could look that up. It's interesting. I think if things were so bad obviously. This season has taken a turn. That i don't think anybody has seen it bachelor history. I can't believe. I just said bachelor history a cod my street. Anyway so i don't. We've never seen this in the past. But i don't think. I think if there was such tension between her and This show we would hear more about that. Obviously we've heard about her leaving. I don. I don't know. I think it just keeps people engaged.

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