UK announces ban on sale of locked phones


So reuters announced that britain is to stop mobile operator selling locked handsets. This is apparently like i. And wow worldwide. Yeah seems seems like a big deal to me. And i was somewhat unexpected. Not following these things. Really closely yeah. I'd miss that. This was in development. And rico what do you make of. This sounds like a big deal. That is a major deal. Actually never even know. I didn't see that article it's going to have to have a look at it was crazy. The ban will come into effect as of december. Twenty twenty one. So let's not get too excited another year. Hopefully there will be some way to bring in a delay but off come has come up with this. As part of a package of measures allegedly designed to ensure customers are treated fairly and to make switching from one mobile operator to another easier. This also i was gonna say this has implications for secondhand market as well right. You know when you're stood in front of those stores that resell mobiles and you can either. The value of a locked phone is much less So it has bigger implications yeah convenience for customer moving between provider major so. Let's hope that this is really also the beginning of the end of network operators trying to sell more phones locked into their networks just as a way to like lure you into their network and hopefully people will be able to keep the phone that feels okay with them and just decide. What is the best network for their purposes. Second-story with we are quite happy to see again unexpectedly. The bbc reported that Electric goods should have repairability following the move by france to implement a scheme as of twenty twenty one that will label goods initial few good good rate their repairability and in the future. Also how environmentally friendly they are one lebed damn. Mp actually stated that we should be Having the same in britain and this is great news. Because we've been campaigning for this for quite a while and janet. Do you think there is any political opportunity to bring this to the uk anytime soon. Well i'm not sure but we know that indefinite others great interest in what's happening in france and the one thing that did stand out to you about the bbc article is that they went to talk to lib dem's degree but didn't get any comment from labor so big question mark about both what the government thinks about this and what labor thinks about it. Yes it seems significant that they went on the record on that and the other big story of course we don't have a degree detail but the ballot measure in massachusetts which was being voted also on tuesday was overwhelmingly voted were massachusetts. Voters voted for the right to repair is a complex measure and they were bombarded with really scary advocate by the auto industry trying to convince them not to but voters voted by seventy five percent margin to support the right to repair in massachusetts which kind of basically matches if almost all of the polling that we've seen in canada in europe about the popularity of right to repair measures so that was kind of come through the the through the actual polls in ballot boxes. Well and one. We didn't need to wait for that long to get there so we'll see what kind of implications this will have. This was specifically about access to softer for cars. But this will have implications hopefully for future policy related to write to repair something that will keep an eye on in coming months

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