China Treats People Deemed Vulnerable With Experimental Coronavirus Vaccine


China, hundreds of thousands of people have already gotten shots of the vaccine is being developed Their NPR China correspondents Emily Fang and John Ruit, take a look at why China's pressing ahead on what's at stake. On a chilly morning earlier this November. Hundreds of people line up and wait for their names to be called summer from the state owned China Railway Group are waiting to get their second shot of an experimental Corona virus vaccine produced by Sina Farm. China's biggest state on vaccine maker. We'll pay you as a China railway construction worker about to be sent abroad for a project in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, qualifying him for a vaccine. Don't worry. There is no problem at all. Lots of our colleagues have a shot very early as early as July. They had no problems whatsoever for cool access to a Corona virus vaccine, albeit one without regulatory approval and which is still undergoing the last phase of human trials. Is a perk that comes with a state job. Your company is giving a guarantee of safety in exchange for sending you abroad after all, if you don't have your health Who cares how much money you earn of the hundreds of thousands now inoculated 56,000 vaccinated people have already gone abroad, but deploying unproven vaccines carries huge risks. For one, China's covert 19 vaccines target the disease. The vaccination prevents bad outcomes from infection, but it may not prevent infection itself. That's Jerome Kim, director general of the International Vaccine Institute in Seoul, South Korea, and that could mean that a person could still transmit the virus after they've been vaccinated. The worry is that vaccinations will give people who've had them a sense of invincibility. And that could actually help spread the virus. There may also be unexpected reactions to the unproven vaccines or late complications. China justifies the experimental vaccines for what it calls emergency use. Shot into the arms of people deemed vulnerable to Cove it such as frontline medical workers and critical service providers at home. China has four experimental vaccines now going through the last phase of human trials sign a farm in sign of AC are two of the major contenders and they make the vaccines being used on an emergency basis. Tinge away a director. China's CDC, speaking in November, said this was a necessary measure Number woman she won't call it. The decision to approve emergency use came after rounds and rounds of strict debate in evaluation after relatives show regulations were fulfilled What Jim did not specify how the emergency vaccines are being distributed. At the vaccination site in Beijing, NPR met a wide range of people who were lining up to get a job. They included dozens of state employees such as white collar bureaucrats and office workers, with no plans to travel abroad. And even a Peking duck cook at a state owned restaurant chain, a Peking duck cook. It's inoculations like these that have some observers concerned. Indonesian researches molecular virology at Hong Kong University. There is no emergency in China because there are basically zero confirmed cases over many months already in China, rolling out vaccines without all the data is a gamble for China. Already a string of quality scandals over the years has people inside the country and out skittish about made in China vaccines. If something goes wrong with these vaccines, it would be a PR disaster. Again Hong Kong University's Jin If they choose to do this, shock her and they ruin the reputation that will just make things worse. And no one there to use a Chinese waxing anymore.

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