New Model 3 Battery, TSLA Stock, Waymo Throws Shade at Tesla, FUV Follow-Up (11.10.20)


Everybody robin our here and today. We're gonna talk a little bit about tussle stock. Y'all some interesting information on the battery packs for the twenty twenty one model year model. Three tesla akilah easter egg. And then i'll give someone my thoughts on at the arc interview that we had at the last week tesla stock today was down two point six percent to close at four hundred and ten dollars. Thirty six cents that compared to the nasdaq down. One point four percent on the day so i just wanted to briefly talk about this because so far this week we've definitely seen some sector rotation due to positive coronavirus vaccination trial reports from pfizer and bounce back at germany. So we've seen asset shift over from tech stocks for example into things like retail for example zoom stock. This week is down. Twenty five percent so far while macy stock is up eighteen percent so we can see that in the indices as well. The nasdaq is down. Two point nine percent on the week compared to the dow up three point nine percent and the s. and p. five hundred kind of in the middle at up one percent so far so good and bad these days tesla is seen more as a technology company and i think the logic here could be that doubles competition is less well prepared to deal with an extended corona virus situation than tesla would be so theoretically a vaccination may be more helpful to competition therefore relatively weakening tesla's position. You could make that argument. But it certainly not one i would agree with. I think more likely there's just that rotation intoxicant and gets caught up in it so tussle this week down. Four point six percents but these have been low volume days. Not really anything here to read into in my opinion all right. Let's move onto the model three battery. Pack we have an update here from a german forum. Ttf dash forum dot d. e. Which was pointed out over here in the us by corio thirteen on read it and basically the story here. Is that a german order. Holder has been sent registration papers and on those registration papers. The battery capacity for their twenty twenty one model year model three is listed at eighty. Two kilowatt hours so the pack capacity conversations are always a little bit difficult because there is always the usable capacity the nominal capacity and different sources seem to have different numbers for each generally. The model three pack has been referred to as seventy five kilowatt hours. But my understanding is that it's actually from a nominal capacity perspective. Closer to about seventy eight and then it looks like on this. Tff forum that previously these registration papers listed the capacity as seventy nine kilowatt hours. It's a bit confusing. Some of the posts. Say seventy seven. Some say seventy nine so depending on how these registration papers were originally based we could be looking at a four to six percent increase for the new long range version of the model three. This would fit with the reports that we had from panasonic working on improving the energy density of the twenty one seventy cells from gigi nevada and that improvement was reported to start coming online sometime in september with this eighty two kilowatt hour report. Now it does look like we're seeing those cells in at least the long range model three but when we look at the improvements across the entire lineup the situation is still a little bit confusing so looking at the model three. We saw improvements in range of about five percent for the standard range. Plus when tesla shift over to the two thousand twenty one model year the performance version also si- similar roughly five percent increase but the long range non-performance almost increased by ten percent. Aside from any new batteries we also now have the integration of the heat pump and the model three which elon musk did a tribute to one of the reasons that the model y range was able to be comparable to the model three despite being about ten percent larger. So yes the impact of that is going to vary based on your climate. But based on. John's pass comments. It does seem like the heat. Pump did impact the epa test rating for the model y. So presumably it would have some impact here when being integrated to the model three making things even yet a bit. More confusing is what's going on with the model. Why is that using these new. Roughly eighty two kilowatt hour. Pack as well because when all these updates were happening the model y also an increase in range of about three to four percent around that time we also saw over the air updates from tesla that actually increased the range for current model y owners. I don't know if that update improved the range for all motto. I owners or just those that had purchased more recently presumably sometime in september or after so hopefully from the comments today we can figure that part out but interestingly in the release notes win tussle did push that update out to increase range. They attributed that to improve efficiency specifically with the motors and climate control system. Anyway long way of saying still too confusing things here. Why is the model three long range. Non-performance getting such a significantly larger increase in range than the other two models and then as the model y always or at least september had these new batteries and a larger pack or is there may be still a possibility as panasonic ramps up production of that new technology that is being prioritized for the model three perhaps to even out some of the demand imbalances between the model three and the model y. Which if that were the case. Maybe there would be the possibility of the model-wide getting another boost to range with this larger. Pack my gut says the model. Why is probably already using that larger as well but let me know in the comments while your thoughts are moving on just a couple more quick things here. The first is just kind of a fun story. On tesla tequila. Obviously we saw that unveiled last week. But tesla actually for a while now has been displaying it in stores a bit in secret.

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