The 'What About Bob?' Test


Legend has it. There was a stone at the entrance. To apollo's temple in ancient greece and on this stone two words. No thyself is the legend true. I don't know the better question. Is it possible to know thyself. We've been exploring this question as humans for thousands of years through introspection and self examination through religion and mindfulness and therapy. But i tend to think it's not possible to know thyself at least not fully to bump into the borders and edges of who we are but i do believe it's possible to uncover more and more of yourself in the course of everyday life. I think one of the best ways to do this is through connection to other people. I think of the waste. Cs lewis describes the connection of friendship in his book. The four loves he says. Let's say you have. Three friends will call them. A b and c if a dies which dark turn then be loses not only a but as part in see the explains what it means. He says it each of my friends. There is something that only some other friend can fully bring out by myself. I am not large enough to call the whole man into activity in other words. What i spend focused time with my wife or one of my children or a family member a best friend one on one time. Which is the closest connection in the world. Because these are people i cared deeply about how even if i give them my full undivided attention. I will still be unable to experience them in their fullness. And why is that. Because i'm only experiencing the part of them that i draw out of them now. If we added another person into the mix someone else that they cared about they would change right in front of me because that person would draw out another part that i don't have access to another part that we don't connect on i'll take it further a while back. My wife threw a surprise birthday party. I had no idea was coming and she brought together. This group of my friends who don't have much experience around each other in a few days after one of my close friends somebody who knows me. Very well mentioned. He'd never seen me laugh that way before. And that i. I was confused as trying to like go back in time in revisit the night and then i remembered who was there and it made perfect sense. My friend larry was there sitting right next to me. And there isn't a person on the planet who makes me laugh like him and you can probably relate to this right you get around certain people and they bring out that other side of you. That element of mischief that twinkle in your eye you tend to get in trouble with that group or you have more fun with that group and it's not because you're being fake or putting on a show. They're pulling something out of you just by their presence. Because people bring out different elements of you elements you might not even know you possess until they arise getting around others is one of the best ways to figure out what you have kicking around inside. That's a wonderful thing. It's also a little scary because we might be surprised by what we find so this brings us to the. What about bob test but first a little context if you haven't seen the film what about bob is a comedy from the early nineties about an esteemed psychiatrist and the patient who follows him in his family on vacation. Bob is the stalker patient. Played by bill murray and when he meets with his new psychiatrist. Dr marvin played by richard dreyfuss. His introduction is direct keeps it real the simplest way to put it. I have problems. He goes on to describe. Ocd panic disorder with agoraphobia. Hypochondria multiple other phobias and a list of other struggles.

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