A Conversation With Thomas Ranville Metis

The Storyteller


Style. Good day welcome my friends to the storyteller where you'll find first nations people from across native north america who are following jesus christ without reservation today will hear the rest of thomas ranville story. Thomas was a fighter. In a gang. Enforcer who was trapped in anger and bitterness. But as we'll here today it doesn't matter who you are or what you've done. God could set you free. Lord bless mutual. turn it into a global gang. Mcgruther knew about it any us as posture pretty for me. In from aerial. God started doing work within mart new years of do those four law of booze. I was drinking stone drunk to an above pills drinking water whisky you know. I couldn't get drunk one. The lord showed me. He assured me the the wickedness in people the wickedness the when he get the influence of alcohol is just like puppets used by the enemy. You know in the blood on the walls. Seino's young people on the after they beat up the drake toolroom and then you go left there until he came back and beat on them. Some more. That happened all night long about thirty listener. Forty until you know that They run recognizable. Someone who thinks that. I've seen in there. That really made me think gang life. That could have been me in all leaner their all busted up by another another if i walked in to another gang. Globals coulda mimi city nerd because is a gang member who was being beaten and tortured and the police came in. They broke the door down rested. Some gang members at night we kept on drinking the next morning. Cups game there again. Because one guy scapegoat. He jumped through the window minus thirty five and very cold at night. Wind was going on hoy survive revive if somebody form lean in the snowbank in the phone is blood truly than the globals and cops came to the door coming with a warrant. Though you know these came in on those young people took them all novel stretcher. One clubs that if he would have been laying there another outfielder who'd been dead the hook them up to a machine in winnipeg manitoba and was brain dead nose bleed from years. These are going to plug the machine. We're gonna come pick us all up to the drunk tank because he couldn't charge because we really steadman. Earning but you. There was so much evidence that they could put. Is we for a long time. I went back home cleaning. The blood busted beer bottle. You know a revelation of the thief only comes to steal kill and destroy and seen it everything that god is given to me annoyed. I took it for granted and inaudible to lose it all me five or six hours to clean up a lead blood. Busted bugles and blood on the wall. And i still couldn't clean blow off the wall. Was you know just so sick. Sick man loose so sick and tired of life. Be something better he see. There's no way out of gang issue. Be tortured kill. I with club. I accepted the lord accepted. Jesus in mark traded many things. I tried many religions many things but nothing would give me that peace. Nothing you give me joy. Nothing could release me. My heart was in prison of misery.

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