Why did Victoria hesitate to remove restrictions?



We've been holding our breath until yesterday for an announcement on as restrictions in Victoria but it didn't come even though the fourteen day average rolling average is now down below five, which was the threshold of opening up. So why has the Premier Daniel Andrews delayed announcing an easing of restrictions as we said, many times on Krona casts that average of five is not really a terribly meaningful figure and as you get done to low numbers, what counts is in fact, the outbreak status of the virus. and. He you got this outbreak in the northern suburbs. Kind of reprises what happened at the beginning of the second wave in that corridor and the uncertainty that comes with it. So I, think you can take a kind of conspiracy theory to this that it's not being transparent or you can actually imagine what's going on there and I suspect this is taking advantage of the situation that we're still in lockdown taking advantage in a good way or in a bad way. Neither really it's more that the don't fully what's going on. It's clear from a few things that we've seen this probably started with the hospital break and then spread to the suburbs, and it just shows yet again can start from small beginnings. This is quite a significant outbreak. They think they know where every getting it from and they've tied at down but that's the key question. The irony here is that if this happened two weeks from now, let's say for example, yesterday they announced the lifting of restrictions and you've got this outbreak two weeks from now there's no way they would have reimposed lockdown. They were done their best to cope with it. I think what they're doing is being simply pragmatic in the saying okay. We've got lockdown going. Let's just not lifted up quite yet tour. Absolutely sure. We've got this nailed because there's no going back from here and I really think it's as simple as that unless we're not getting the full story I just think it's we can't go back. Let's keep it going the other thing that they might be. Thinking about here is chemical back to where we came into the story back in June. July which is if you remember rightly they ring thirty six suburbs I it was ten post codes, but that didn't work back then but they didn't have mask wearing and the weren't very restricted really at that point. So it's not surprising that didn't work but are they thinking right now that they might actually. Continue the lockdown in the northern suburbs of Melbourne and everywhere else go I mean that would be difficult thing for them to do politically and a very difficult thing emotionally and psychologically for a lot of Melburnians. So I suspect it's buying them at a time just to make sure they've got it nailed they've been through a lot of pain already you could imagine that you wouldn't want to throw it away. If you thought that there was the potential for it to flip back up again but it's big ask and you said before Norman that perhaps we need more transparency from Victoria, what do you mean by that I think is more transparency now than there was, but you just get the feeling sometimes you're not getting the whole story. And when you shoot probably be getting more information than you are but I suspect that they. Simply. Don't know I mean the most kind explanation is probably the most pragmatic which is. CONTACT TRACING IS PR- getting pretty good on Fridays are in breakfast which I was hosting I interviewed professor. Yoon. Wallace who runs contact tracing he was talking through how they really do feel the this. The concentration has improved locked and I specifically asked him about this northern suburbs break and he felt that they didn't fight have that under control. So the feeling pretty optimistic on Fridays or something's happened Friday and Sunday, but it may just be that they didn't have all the information and they just won't that another couple of days in lockdown. So we know that coronavirus isn't the only health problem facing people in Victoria because we're human beings and we're dealing with all sorts of things and one of the really big things that perhaps we should be giving. More, attention to on corona cost is the mental health side of things. We've had a question or comment from someone who lives in Melbourne saying the haven't left home since July, and now they're afraid to go out not because I might get covid nineteen. But because they're afraid of what they'll find in the world will their favorite shops and cafes be shutdown will be taming the Christmas shoppers or will they be ghost town? Everyone's wearing mosques they to Costra phobic Agra phobic self-conscious traumatized to contemplate it. So how do they explain that they still can't leave they? Even though they not locked down and how do they get help I'm so sorry to hear this comments and I suspect you're not alone. But you need help. I knew actually help very quickly because what you're showing signs of is really quite an of a serious anxiety issue. And you've got to actually get that sorted out and you can get it sorted out by speaking to a psychologist and entering into some cognitive behavioral therapy with a psychologist can talke through this get down to the bottom of your thought processes and really readjust you're thinking you should not continue to feel like this. First of all is agony for you. Secondly, there's no shame in it, and thirdly there is help. So the best thing I can probably suggest. Is the beyond blue coronavirus helpline where they will be able to find you help and that's on one, eight, hundred, five, one, two, three, four, eight, one, eight, hundred, five, one, two, three, four, eight. If that doesn't help

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