Hurricane Zeta Makes Landfall in Southeastern Louisiana


Louisiana top sustained winds 110 MPH fast moving storm, bringing heavy rain high winds and a strong storm surge from south of New Orleans to the western Florida Panhandle. National Hurricane Center director Ken Graham. We're already going to have the system as a tropical storm in Alabama early tomorrow morning, and then by tomorrow afternoon, this system is already in Virginia. So moving quickly, so be careful the nighttime hours You could have damage you're gonna have to have debris and power lines down. So be really careful. It's better to just be be inside. Tim Kerner is the mayor of Jean Lafitte, Louisiana. But those 4 to 5 hours we're gonna We're gonna get a lot of water. We just don't know what's expected with these storms. We're gonna prepare for the worst hope for the best, but you know, we will get water. But the good news is the over quick. The Hurricane center says the storm is now racing to the north at 25 MPH. Each of the major indexes lost more than

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