Women begin national strike in Poland after near-total abortion ban


Demonstrations are continuing across Poland following a court ruling introduced aeneas O'Toole ban on abortion many. Pause a national strike yesterday in protest at the draconian measure. Let's get the very latest from ponant. Now, with join up Lucia scupper political journalist for Roy Service in the capital Warsaw welcome to the program. So we've heard reports of many companies, for example, allowing their female employees to take the day off yesterday in order to protest how widespread is the opposition against the abortion ban. I, think it's hard to tell exactly how many people ask are opposed to the abortion banned because it is worth noting met a lot of people are staying home because a pandemic because of coronavirus bet nevertheless at their estimates that over four hundred, thousand people out on the street yesterday that their reports that police services are overwhelmed in Poland that there because there are so many people out on the street. What I've seen so far on the ground is that it's mostly younger people coming out So if there was no pandemic who knows how many more people would be out on

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