Hungarian lawmaker resigns after caught fleeing a 'sex party' by climbing down a drainpipe


Know. The career of a close ally of the hungarian prime minister viktor orban who was also an emmy p. has ended in a welter of scandal and suspicion as his actions threaten the public valleys of the right wing fidesz party lily by is a reporter at politico and she's here with more lily. It's with all the key elements. We have sex politics lawbreaking drugs and intrigue sitting comfortably. Tell us what happened It's quite an extraordinary story So basically over the weekend. A member of the european parliament. You'll jeff siad of the blue announced that he is resigning He is a member of hungary's ruling fetus party but It's important to understand that he's not just an ordinary member. he's one of the co founders of the party. He was there with prime minister. Viktor orban and others in nineteen eighty-eight when they started this political journey back then as young liberals he has been the prime minister's inner circle ever since and has played a key role in hungary and politics including the lead author of one of the hungarian government's main political projects. The two thousand eleven constitution. So he's really a an important figure especially in the intellectual circles of the ruling party so when he resigned that sparked a lot of questions. Initially people were wondering are there any divisions within the ruling party. What's going on. And then on tuesday details started leaking. I two local belgian press that that a member of the european parliament had attended a party on friday night in brussels. That was by police. Now it's important to Stand for those of our listeners. Who who are not familiar with bowel gyms rules that we have pretty strict covert related restrictions here about gatherings so belgian. Trust reported that there were about Twenty five naked men this particular party which at police had raided for violating the health related restrictions. And what prosecutors later said is that a passer-by had seen someone sleeping along the gutter This person It turns out Mr sire the a member of the european parliament was apprehended and then police found narcotics in his backpack after the leaks. Uche the politician. He admitted to having been present at the party but denied that the narcotics were his and this created a huge storm and hungarian politics given closely associated. He has personally with the prime minister. An element of his behavior do you think was most offensive to the party. I mean could he got away with it if it had. Just been about breaking lockdown rules. Well it's it's hard to tell but one thing to to note is that Ever since the late nineteen eighties when fetus was a young idealistic liberal political party on the were informal conversations within the party about mr sires Sexual orientation this is something. He has never discussed in public. And of course it's it's up to him to to to discuss But but within the party party members were chatting about this and at the time Wait what people say now is that they simply did not care They saw that. It's his private matter of what he does in his private life. And it's it didn't impact his initial political career. He was The group leader of the fidesz faction in the european in the are in the hungarian parliament. Initially in one thousand nine hundred ninety so he was quite an important figure within that party and so you know feed us because of its strategic trajectory. It's important to note you know it used to be a liberal party. It evolved over the years. It moved further and further to the right at today. It's a party that has been criticized for for what Lgbt activists call Anti gay policies but initially it did not have that kind of ideology back in the in the eighties and nineties. But i mean as you say. He had significant input into the very conservative constitution which holds family values it doesn't recognize. Lgbt rights he's married to a female judge judge as you say they've been whispers about his own sexuality so i wonder how this has affected the party. How it's affected feeders. In terms of just sheer hypocrisy. That's right so. I think that the opposition in hungary has really seized upon this issue Some have talks about What what one. Opposition politician called the moral bankruptcy Of the party. And i think that this will be an issue in the twenty. Twenty two election campaigner there will be elections then and it's already looking like a tough race even though Hunger in minister viktor. Orban is in quite powerful position and critics say an unfairly powerful position because of the covid crisis and because of economic problems in hungary like most other countries experiencing It's already said to be a tough campaign and having this kind of Scandal so close to to the real start of of of the race. Is i think putting more pressure on the party. And that's why. I think on wednesday or bounded something quite untested hinted for him He he gave a statement saying that. What cya did was unacceptable and indefensible and he said that This kind of behavior has no place in the values of the political family. And this was quite extraordinary. In hungarian context because i was with such a close friend and ally for over three decades And it's very very rare Side did quit the party. Officially on wednesday as well It's very rare for someone of that stature to to be publicly criticized by by the party to actually quit just quickly before we go. We know that he was a key figure. In brussels. In terms of of hungarian paulo within the eu. And i wonder if this will have an impact on the covert relief budget. Talks where hungary's vetoing the because the eu's insisting that the country conforms to various elements of the law so prime minister or bond was are speaking on hunger and state radio just about an hour ago and he repeated that hungary is came to its original hard line position on the eu budget and rule of law is a big conflict about that because a lot of eu countries in the european parliament one to length distribution of funding to respect for the rule of law There has been a lot of speculation about whether this is going to weaken or bounce position. a bit hard to tell right now We will see. I'm next week when

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