Strong winds fuel wildfire in Southern California

NBC Nightly News


Southern california. Millions are under a red flag warnings. Tonight a forecast for more high winds keeping the fire. Danger high as firefighters tried to contain a blaze that forced tens of thousands to evacuate. Steve patterson is there blasted by surging. Winds gust up to seventy five miles an hour and a landscape of bone. Dry fuel southern california bonfire chewed through thousands of acres forcing residents to race columns of flames raining down a hail of embers saw these flames come out from behind a ridge and they must have been like fifty one hundred feet tall. The fire started at home then spreading forcing more than twenty five thousand two evacuated injuring. Two firefighters i'm alive. Gene page barely escaped as the flames ripped into her yard nearly torching her hillside home. I was terrified. I cried all last night. I i was 'cause you're never gonna get back what you put into as the fire spread win grounded critical air support. It's the latest in a brutal year of historic california wildfires. more than four million acres scorched. So far we have santa ana conditions in high wind conditions. That are promoting really big fast-spreading spreading fire events tonight. Nearly eleven million under red flag warnings with the threat expected into the weekend. The latest leg of an allergy round fire season keeping residents locked in. Unending worry

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