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And nurses stay safe with estrogen. That hit and run in Fremont really screwed up the Nimitz from the chill metal body Traffic test South found 8 80 is now packed from 92 down to just pass Thornton Avenue, where that's clear to the shoulder couple fender benders for the snow braid, whereas recently we've found that mostly moving at the limit. Now it is a little bit slow North found 6 80 from before North mission to before the truck scales with a crash on the shoulder. And then there's a little bit more flowing approaching highway 84 Leo is all jammed up from the car. Kina spanned a Georgia, where crash has cleared new accident for Santa Rosa south one, a one before Herne that has traffic getting heavy from 12, and it is awful out of San Francisco due to an earlier, Rex. North bound one of one pack from 2 82. The Bay Bridge. Traffic sponsored by prime male medical and find male medical. They know how frustrating it can be to have difficulty in your intimate life. They specialize in treatments for Edie and low T and have a 99% success rate. Go to prime male medical dot com or call

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