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Those weren't followed in this. There's several sort of Procedural, administrative things that they just missed the boat on completely. That makes it sort of makes it a potential for it. To be able to be shut down by a legal process seems pretty high to me. So we'll know in early January whether or not the attorney general Ferguson is successfully shut. Yeah, we'll definitely be following it, then. It sounds to me like, Well, I could look outside. Looks like it's getting a little bit of twilight. How was the traffic looking out there? Chasing the mike? We're watching a pretty serious crash blocking too. Right lanes north on I five in South Everett and 112. This is really clog and things up for drivers right now coming out of Linwood actually make that short line now from one 45th and heading out that direction it sounds like this may be there for a little while. So if you have to head north bound Highly suggest use north on 99 this afternoon. We've got a couple of problems on four or 51 at 1/60 1 at 5 20. We're still watching this record North 25 in the downtown corridor as well. We'll have more on that coming up here just after the news. Traffic is brought to you by Cover Stone Credit Union. Cairo Radio Real time traffic. I'm Tracy Taylor, introducing touch free payments from PayPal a safe way if your customers to pay simply download the papal app and display your own unique You are code for your customers

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