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Your mailbox. Share the sun with fron. Sharing is caring. We living in a world where we get Yeah just inundated with all this irrelevant short input and it just doesn't bring us any joy or already any any depth to our soul in these stories. Do you know they. They bring a sense of connection the sense of oneness. You know when you listen to someone's life story store. It doesn't have to be like your own but you can find a connection with that other human being you know on the reasons why they do things even though the things are different. But there's always these connections in these stories and you know k. Them in the background and go get things done. And yes if you know anyone who could benefit from just a a healthy distraction a positive destruction than send this on the website with them or shades a particular story that's had an impact on you with them Sharing is caring. Always saying yeah. It's just it's super cool to be a part of a community where people are really going there and striving to connect with truth if you are on instagram gird link with me they inspirational interviews or you can also search jan rod. Bits inspirational interviews is always a winner also on facebook to interviews linked as well. That's your vibe. So yeah guys find me on these social media platforms as well and if you have listened to show leaping are always respond pretty quickly and Yeah i really enjoy hearing from you and if there's any story that you've heard that you really enjoy want wanna ask a question about then just send me an email which you can find my website which leads me to ask if you are needing an interview. Lipping ovalles either website and the book and guys. I often these Sort of mirroring sessions. Where i give people the opportunity to share a story with me and i just really listened to it but i listened on on a very deep level where i'm able to ask questions which help you to really reflect deep within your own story and what's nice about. It is just very subtle coaching station. Should we say But extremely reflective and yeah and in many cases even a lot of people have had on the show have changed what they've been doing actually Based on just a really good Heartfelt non-judgmental deep conversation. So if you need that go onto the website and yeah we can see what we can do for you they. It's very cool and we we do it online as well. So guys without any favorites Let's give a warm cyber welcome for lane zaven. Bergen just in from that point really and Let's tell our listeners. Who you are. And and i guess it. Start with a connection with be corp. be lab. Yeah well the be. Core a movement which has grown very rapidly and is now an exponential growth. They is is consisting out of a special night of companies and companies don't shareholder principle. I talk about stakeholders All stakeholders including is shareholders and including nature as. We always say at the slow at the courts used his business as a force for good. Those companies know that they are radically interdependent in order to solve the big challenges that we have on the planet and i found. It's a co created co founded the be or movement for europe in two thousand fifteen and now in the whole europe we have about a fifty beakers and small companies mid size and big companies and I'm a board member of that. I've been the chairman and founder or longtime and the and the challenge that we now have movement is. How can we certify old companies. That won't be core. Yeah

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