A highlight from Phallacy! Life lessons from the animal penis


This is an abc podcast. I'm emily willingham. I am a science writer and biologist and i wrote a book about penises. Of course he does. Don't to emily. Willingham is a scientist who specialized in urology sheedy researching sex determination sexual development and a whole lot of other fascinating stuff. She's also an accomplished science journalist specializing in pretty much. Everything interesting rod and six is definitely interesting. Emily's new book is called fallacy lifeless from the animal pinas. You had such fun writing this book. I feel like. I've been in some kind of wildlife or g. or something did. Was that fun splits. No arrests parade for sure. A parade of paint. She means and yes. We are talking about animal. Appendages of every size species and variety. Today it's mostly family friendly more like a visit to the zo really. But there's you contact morning. We say penis allot because correct body names meta mitchell. And this is science fiction welcome it's called fallacy. Lifeless lessons from the animal penis. Says it starts with jeffrey epstein but by chapter two you're on the spot and slugs what's fella see you want who interrogate in this book and that's fallacy with a ph the fallacy them interrogating. Is that the the pain is centered as sort of the throbbing obelisk evolve masculinity and. That's of course not the case. In science there have been efforts to sort of foreground. The human penis over that of other animals especially primates. There of course is an entire cottage industry of sending pictures of your pianist. People hoping that they will be very impressed by them. All kinds of research around it that center and four i mean even freud built his entire his entire analytical basis on this idea of the is and what he could construe from it and i think we need to move away format that's the fallacy that we need to get away. Here's the thing though as a biology lecture over many years you promoted the fella sees about fellas in your classrooms. Tell me about that. Oh called on the carpet. Yes one of the things we used to teach for. Example is that the penises a sperm delivery system. Never mind. that's what i taught anyway and that is not all that it does. Even the human version can do more than that as we know when you expand your vision to include near the broad array in the animal kingdom. You realize these things serb all kinds of purposes besides being firm delivery systems and they don't even deliver sperm in the same direction and some species. Let's unpack that. Because it is an amazing array of stories but there is no doubt that the painting has cultural across cultures across the ages.

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