Supreme Court blocks NY from enforcing Covid limits on churches


Major Supreme Court ruling overnight on New York's Cove in 19 limits on houses of worship in case brought by the Diocese of Brooklyn that a Jewish group, the justices ruled the state cannot enforce limits on attendance of churches and synagogues in hard hit areas. It was a split 54 decision first time that new Justice Amy Cockney Barrett's voted an impact because she was in the conservative majority leader allowance. Royal Justice Gorsuch put it, plainly expressing a sentiment held by many. It's unconstitutional to little liquor stores and bike shops re open but slam the doors on churches, synagogues and mosques. Four dissenters, including the chief justice, argued the rules or are rational reaction to the pandemic. The decision may force the state to reevaluate restrictions in the future. But it does not have much impact right now. The groups of Challenger restrictions are no longer in red or orange zones.

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