Los Angeles says ‘unaccompanied’ homeless women need services and resources geared to them


Vote to have data collected on unaccompanied homeless women, according to the 2020. Greater Los Angeles homeless count, one third of the people experiencing homelessness in the county are women of 15% increase from a year earlier. The City Council is requesting that the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority classify on housed women with no Children or partner as a vulnerable group and begin collecting data such as their race, age and sexual orientation. In the end Will point in time Count and other data collection systems are hoping that we uplift the needs of this population even more when you have can make more informed decisions with Out of that can be presented. Amy Turk is CEO of the downtown Women's Center. Once we break it down, then you can really start to see where the targeted interventions could go. Historically, she says. When a population of people experiencing homelessness is called out, that leads to more research and data analysis, which results in more policies and resource is and ultimately a decrease in homelessness, Margaret career

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