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With the ideal post Thanksgiving turkey sandwich for you? Rachel Bell is what? What ingredients included Not included. You know, I'm a bit of a go, Armand. But on Thanksgiving I like the really cheap, squishy little roles that you buy that are like stuck together. You have to pull apart, so I like a little sandwich on one of those tiny little guys. With basically everything on the table, But like a little slight or on a squishy roll, Okay? Yeah. Come on. Ask you one thing, though. Rachel, Yeah. Why is everyone like dumping on the turkey? So what's the deal? Why does why is everyone staring turkeys horrible now what happened? That's funny. I agree. I've always thought that chicken was juicier and tastier, And I think it's just taken a pandemic for everyone to admit how they really feel about Turkey, because suddenly when you don't have enough people to The whole thing. And you kind of don't want to buy it. You have this excuse that you never liked it in the first place. That's my opinion. Are you a turkey defender? I take a dres. I just think there's nothing wrong with it. It's good. You know what I really think? I think never all throughout the year. You do not eat that many sides. So all of a sudden you've got 14 sides. Now the turkey just looks like it's nothing. It's like, Don't you got 14 sides can't compete. There's no room for me at the end. Okay, Rachel, we've We've got to go. We're going long. But fantastic. I'm glad we worked at both stories in have a great Thanksgiving, Rachel, and we'll talk to you. Monday. Happy Thanksgiving. You too Happy Thanksgiving. All right. We're watching the drive right now. At 46 minutes from Tacoma to Olympia and 32 from Olympia to Tacoma. They're still working with the crash on north on a five year trust for No. They just cleared. It is matter of fact, drivers. They're still gonna find themselves slow, Especially for those of you leaving joint base. Lewis McChord from 5, 12 and definitely on the heavier side on 5 12 new the South Hill Mall. There's some hesitation on North 25 as we get closer to the dome. Drivers up in the North Sound. The only thing I'm watching right now is some heavier traffic. That was we leave when the 75th No. Make that one 45th and shoreline to 2/20 again around Highway to I was just checking the cameras through Mount Vernon and stand what looks like everything is fine through Arlington smoky Point. No problems to Burlington. And so far this afternoon traffic brought to you by our McQueen casino now open Enjoy a safe, clean, comfortable escape where we all win. Let's keep the curve flat together in real clean Casino, the entertainment capital of the northwest, Cairo Radio, real time traffic. I'm Tracy Taylor. What could help you take advantage of today's low mortgage rates and save money? Rocket? Can't you could save hundreds of dollars every month by refinancing with rocket

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